Meghan Markle Yogurt Shop Where She Worked ... Do You Take This FroYo at 50% Off?

5/19/2018 8:35 AM PDT

Meghan Markle's Yogurt Shop Offers 50% Off Royal Wedding Special


Meghan Markle's humble beginnings haven't been forgotten by those she left behind, because we found out the yogurt shop where she worked back in the day is offering a special royal offering a discount!

Turns out Meghan worked at Humphrey Yogart around 1995 in the Beverly Connection, a WeHo shopping mall. The shop is long gone, but the H.Y. franchise in the San Fernando Valley is offering a strawberry and peanut butter frozen yogurt 50% ... but only today, and only 1 per customer.

The yogurt shop boasts, "Join us in celebrating our former employee Meghan Markle and her wedding to Prince Harry at Humphrey's."

Elton John will not be performing.