Nas Rambles Through Vegas Club Gig ... But He's Happy!!!

5/26/2018 11:49 AM PDT

Nas Rambling and Stammering Through Vegas Club Gig


Nas was many things during his club appearance in Vegas Friday night -- happy, funny, forgetful -- but he definitely wasn't on top of his rap game.

The East Coast hip hop artist was at Palms in Vegas for the grand opening of the Apex Social Club, but made a grand exit after less than 10 minutes on the microphone ... according to partygoers.

We're told Nas appeared to be on the sauce, and in the vid he mentions he can barely hear himself. He does get a few bars in, but then laughs and bails on the track halfway through.

It's all good, though ... because Nas closed out by giving a shout-out to "everybody living life."

He was clearly including himself.