Enzo Amore Blasts Rape Accuser Says He's Rapping at Kanye's Studio

5/29/2018 7:47 AM PDT

Enzo Amore Blasts Rape Accuser, Says He's Been Rapping at Kanye's Studio

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Ex-WWE superstar Enzo Amore says he's laser-focused on a Hollywood comeback after beating rape allegations ... and says he's been recording music at Kanye West's studio in L.A.

Amore held a massive event in NYC on Monday to promote his new rap single, "Phoenix" -- in which he attacks his rape accuser by calling her a "Lyin’ ass hoe" and stating, "I ain't Bill Cosby, bitch."

As we previously reported, WWE fired Amore in the wake of the allegations back in January. Recently, prosecutors announced Amore would NOT be charged due to lack of evidence. 

Amore is crediting his fans for helping his legal case -- claiming the Enzo Army "stalked" his accuser and found information about her that helped discredit her. 

"My fans were lawyers," Amore told Adam Glyn ... "I don't even know why I hired a lawyer in the first place."

Now, Amore says he wants to return to the spotlight with a vengeance -- "I've been working with a lot of people out in Hollywood on writing scripts, screenplays, directing, producing and making music."

"On the low, I've been in Kanye's studio, No Name, out in L.A. And I'm about to drop a ton of content on the world."