Anthony Bourdain Used Bath Robe Belt in Hanging ... No Signs of Foul Play

6/9/2018 6:21 AM PDT

Anthony Bourdain Hanged Himself with Bath Robe Belt

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Anthony Bourdain died in the bathroom of his hotel, and used the belt from his bath robe in the hanging.

Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny revealed new details Saturday about Bourdain's death, adding there were no indications anyone had entered his room at the luxury Le Chambard Hotel ... nor was there any other sign of foul play. 

The French official also told the Associate Press, toxicology testing will be conducted on the beloved "Parts Unknown" host to determine if he had taken any medications, drugs or alcohol at the time of his death.

As we've reported ... Bourdain's friend and fellow chef Eric Ripert found his body Friday morning in the hotel room. They had been shooting in the area for an episode of Anthony's show.