Robert De Niro Trump Protester Strikes Back During Broadway Show

6/18/2018 7:00 AM PDT

Trump Protester Interrupts Robert De Niro's Broadway Show

Robert De Niro's protest chickens came home to roost -- one week after his "F**k Trump" speech, a Trump supporter gave it right back to him.

De Niro is directing "A Bronx Tale" on Broadway and, during the show's curtain call Saturday night ... a guy whipped out a Trump 2020 "Keep America Great" banner and stood by the stage. The crowd seemed to ignore him, according to some reports, and then security came and tossed him out of the theater.

Mind you, De Niro wasn't on the stage when the protest went down, so it's hardly a direct hit ... as far as rebuttals go, anyway.

You'll recall, De Niro threw down the gauntlet ... cussing out the President during last week's Tony Awards.