President Trump Greeted with a Loud 'F*** You!!' From Congressional Intern

6/20/2018 6:40 AM PDT

Congressional Intern Yells 'F*** You!' to President Trump

President Trump got an earful in Congress -- not from an elected official -- but from an intern who yelled "F**k you!"

The moment was captured on video Tuesday evening as POTUS walked through the Capitol Rotunda of the Congressional building -- he was there for a meeting with Republican lawmakers.

As his entourage started walking through ... a female voice was heard firing off the 4-letter salute to the Commander in Chief. Multiple witnesses said she was wearing a Congressional intern badge.

The Prez, was not on camera at the time -- he walked through a few seconds later, seemingly unfazed -- but with total silence in the building, the F-U echoed in the chamber.

Ya know Trump heard it.