Kara, Josie & Delilah Smoke Show Ahead ... Proceed With Caution!!!

6/22/2018 7:11 AM PDT

Kara Del Toro and Josie Canseco Flaunt Bikini Bods for Fashion Show

Kara Del Toro, Josie Canseco and Delilah Hamlin are officially ready for summer ... and that collective sound ya just heard was the rest of America screaming, HELLLLLLL YEAH!!

Kara, Josie and Delilah -- along with a bunch of other hotties -- threw on some bikinis and walked the runway for Frankies Bikinis fashion show in L.A. Kara -- forever our favorite Carl's Jr. girl -- wore the hell outta her outfits ... hell, even those safety ogles. Sorry, goggles.

No need to keep ya waiting ... enjoy!!