Capital Gazette Shooting Gunman Opens Fire in Office ... 5 Fatalities Reported

6/28/2018 1:14 PM PDT

Mass Shooting at Capital Gazette Newspaper's Office, Multiple Fatalities

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6:15 PM PT -- The shooting suspect has been ID'd as Jarrod Warren Ramos, according to CNN. He reportedly filed a defamation claim against the paper in 2012, which was dismissed in 2013 and upheld after an appeal in 2015.

2:49 PM PT -- The suspect is a white male in his 20s with no ID who was taken into custody without the exchange of gunfire. He has damaged his fingertips, so law enforcement cannot ID him from fingerprints.

Smoke bombs and flash bangs were found in his backpack. 

1:48 PM PT -- MD officials just announced that there have been 5 fatalities, with several others "gravely" injured.

They also stated that within 60-90 seconds of the gunman opening fire, authorities were on the scene. At this time, they believe the suspect in custody acted alone, and the building is now secure.

Gunfire erupted in a Maryland newspaper's office Thursday, and the gunman reportedly took down multiple employees before cops captured him.

The mass shooting happened in the Capital Gazette's newsroom in Annapolis. The suspect reportedly shot through a glass door at the beginning of the attack ... and continued firing around the office.

Cops raced to the scene, and Anne Arundel County Sheriff says one of his deputies successfully captured the suspect alive. He's reportedly a white man in his 20s. Authorities say he used a shotgun.

In a scene we've seen far too often, employees were seen exiting the building with their hands in the air ... as cops tried to get people out of harm's way.

Some early reports say as many as 4 people were killed and 5 injured in the attack.

A confirmed reporter inside the building at the time of the shooting tweeted from the scene.

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