Donald Trump Wedding Crasher 2 ... Slobber on the Bride

7/1/2018 11:48 AM PDT

Donald Trump's Back to Crashing Weddings at Golf Club in New Jersey


Donald Trump can't stop (and won't stop) crashing weddings in New Jersey -- especially if there's a chance to give the bride a smooch and woo the crowd at the same time.

The President made a surprise appearance Friday during Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz's wedding at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster Township. Witnesses tell us 45 flew in on his Marine One chopper and popped in to greet their guests, unannounced.

We're told he shook hands, posed for pics, and told the crowd to take care of the happy couple -- the latter of which you can see in a video we obtained of his 2nd cameo there.

And in true Trump fashion, the Prez also pecked Jenna on the cheek before heading upstairs. As for how that was received ... people around absolutely ate it up.

Like Vince Vaughn once said ... it's wedding season, kid!!