Drake & Jay-Z's New Song 'Talk Up' is Sandi Graham's Doing ... Thanks, Drake's Mom!

7/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Drake's New Song with Jay-Z, 'Talk Up,' is All Thanks to Drizzy's Mom


Drake linked up with Jay-Z on his new album for a fire anthem, and the collab probably happened because of Drizzy's mom ... so says the guy who made the music. 

We got Memphis-bred DJ Paul -- who produced "Talk Up" on "Scorpion" -- at LAX, and asked if his highly praised song with Drake and Jay has helped out his bottom line. Sounds like he was already making money moves, but DJP says the 6 God definitely solidified his clout.

As for how he even came to work on this project in the first place, Paul drops a bombshell ... Drake's mother, Sandi Graham, got in her boy's ear about him! Apparently, Sandi and Paul are neighbors ... how 'bout that??

Dude doesn't seem to know the woman by her name though, but it's all love. Here's to "Drake's mom" ... cheers!