Taylor Swift What Goes Up Must Come Down ... And Then Go Across, Right?

7/15/2018 11:34 AM PDT

Taylor Swift Experiences Stage Malfunction During Philadelphia Concert


Taylor Swift opened up to her fans during a concert this weekend, but not in her lyrics ... more like her stream of consciousness during a brief stage malfunction.

The "Delicate" singer was doing a show Saturday night at Philly's Lincoln Financial Field, when she experienced some technical difficulties with her suspended basket mid-air.

And forget trying to cover it up ... Taylor let the audience know things were getting screwed up in real time. Even as the stage crew tried figuring out what was wrong, she filled folks in every step of the way. Talk about a no-filter heart-to-heart with your base. 

Tay eventually got into another cage, which took her across the stadium as originally planned -- but not before killing time with a little a cappella crooning. The crowd ate it up, obviously.

Lesson learned ... Taylor Swift is as honest as they come. Even in the worst of times.