Charles Manson Blood Painting with His Ashes To be Auctioned Off

7/20/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Charles Manson Painting Made of Blood and His Ashes Will be Auctioned Off


A creepy Charles Manson painting made with the artist's blood is awaiting an even creepier finishing touch -- the cremated remains of Manson himself -- and then it can be yours.

Artist Ryan Almighty tells TMZ ... he created this painting using his own blood, and was able to obtain some of Manson's ashes from someone who attended the spreading of them ... back in March, near Porterville, CA. 

Ryan plans to use the ashes to fill in Manson's eyes in the painting, and then it will be complete.

The man who provided the ashes gets the first painting and plans to auction off the masterpiece and use the proceeds to make a monument for Steven Parent ... one of the victims of the Manson Family murders. With the remainder of the ashes Ryan Almighty plans on doing a series of paintings that won't be sold, but displayed. 

We'd say buyer beware, but this seems more like a beware of buyer situation.