Neil deGrasse Tyson Here's Why We Need the Space Force ... It's Bigger Than Trump

7/20/2018 7:42 AM PDT

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says We Should Consider Donald Trump's Space Force


Neil deGrasse Tyson says the idea of a U.S. Space Force ain't all that crazy -- in fact it's not even new -- but people just think it sounds crazy because it's coming from President Trump's mouth.

We got the astrophysicist Thursday at LAX where he broke down why the U.S. government should seriously consider having one. Hint: think "Armageddon" ... but sans Affleck and Willis. 

Trump has suggested adding a Space Force branch to the military, and it's been supported by everyone from the Air Force chief to the NASA administrators. So, would Neil suit up? He gave us an answer.