King Yellowman Snoop Dogg Failed at Reggae ... Should Stick to Rapping!!!

8/6/2018 5:19 PM PDT

King Yellowman Tells Snoop Dogg to Stick to Hip-Hop, No More Reggae


King Yellowman says Snoop Dogg needs to keep his alter-ego, Snoop Lion, in retirement -- 'cause the hip-hop superstar's reggae album wasn't up to snuff ... by Jamaica's standards, anyway.

The dancehall reggae legend arrived in L.A. for a festival show, and we asked him about Snoop's reggae one-off album from 2013. You'll recall, Snoop was inspired after taking a trip to Jamrock -- but Yellowman says the locals were not impressed.

He reminded us, even Bob Marley's old Wailers partner, Bunny Wailer, gave da Lion da thumbs down.

Still, we're betting a little ganja would go a long way to settle this real quick. Especially because Yellowman also told us he'd be down to collab with Snoop.

Dogg, that is. Irie?