Aretha Franklin Walk of Fame Star Draws Huge Crowds in Wake of Death

8/16/2018 12:06 PM PDT

Aretha Franklin's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Draws Huge Crowds

Aretha Franklin's death is making waves around the world -- and Hollywood is no exception, where hordes of people are paying tribute to her shining star ... and we were there to catch the crowds.

The Queen of Soul's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is quickly becoming a major center of attraction Thursday in the wake of of the iconic singer's death. Folks have been leaving flowers left and right -- and now it looks like a major gathering is happening as well.

As we reported ... Aretha passed away at her Detroit home. She died of advanced pancreatic cancer. She was 76.

Safe to say ... people are paying their R-E-S-P-E-C-T(s) to Aretha from afar in any creative way they can. RIP to the Queen.