Kim Kardashian West Alien Neck Implant ... It's Fashion, Baby!!!

8/27/2018 10:34 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian West Gets Temporary Glowing Alien Necklace Implanted Under Skin

Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian West had some pretty dramatic implants installed under her skin ... and these make her look like she just arrived from another planet.

Kim posted a couple vids Monday showing a growth in her neck that lights up to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The temporary piece -- that looks like an alien necklace -- is part of a larger art experience called A. Human ... founded by Simon Huck.

Chrissy Teigen wore feathers sprouting from her chest.

"Queer Eye" star Tan France got in on the action too -- with a piece called The Tudor -- a living piece of jewelry made to look like ruffled skin with bioreactive crystals.

Transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic wore skin-sculpted shoulders, a design called The Pinnacle, that was part of a collab with designer and former Lady Gaga creative director Nicola Formichetti

A. Human will open as a month-long interactive art experience, starting September 5 in NYC.

We're told the experience is sure to be one for the avid Instagrammer ... and could feature some celeb appearances too.