Shepard Smith Openly Mocks Trump ... Not Amomymously!!

9/7/2018 2:33 PM PDT

Shepard Smith Mocks President Trump's Inability to Say 'Anonymous'

Shepard Smith is having a little fun at President Trump's expense -- mocking his inability to say the word "anonymous."

The FOX News host took the subtle dig Friday during his show, purposefully stumbling over the word that gave Trump so much trouble during his Montana rally. The funniest part might be Shepard's deadpan deliver.

Somehow he kept a straight face while butchering the word "amomamous" in reference to The New York Times op-ed author who claims Trump staffers are actively working to undermine 45.  

Warning: Avoid playing cards with Shepard. Killer poker face. 

Even 45 would have to laugh at this. Or, more likely, somehow blame Obama.