Congressman Ted Lieu Kim K's Doing Great With Prison Reform ... Trump Should Do More

9/9/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Ted Lieu Praises Kim Kardashian's Clemency Work, Says Donald Trump Should Do More


Ted Lieu thinks Kim Kardashian is doing stand-up work with clemency and prison reform, but the congressman says Donald Trump should be swayed by more than just beautiful celebs. 

We got Ted outside the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, and he called on the President to become more active in pardoning prisoners who are getting a raw deal from draconian drug sentences. 

It's great Kim appears to have DT's ear when it comes to freeing prisoners, Ted says, but Trump needs to be more willing to listen to voices outside the celebrity realm.

Ted says he's called for a full review of Trump's pardon authority, and explains why the President should be more balanced in the clemency process.

Ted also shares his thoughts on Kim's future in politics -- they're both from California -- and gives her some additional issues to tackle.