Philly Congressman Bob Brady Cosby's Done Here ... He Got What He Deserves

9/27/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Congressman Bob Brady Says Bill Cosby's Unwelcome in Philadelphia Forever


Bill Cosby won't ever have a welcome home party in Philadelphia ... not if one Congressman has anything to say about it.

We got Rep. Robert Brady on Capitol Hill Wednesday and asked how he felt about the disgraced Philly legend being sent away to prison for sexual assault. The Congressman says justice was served.

Brady says it's a shame, but all the good Cosby did has been greatly overshadowed by the mistakes he made ... and there's not going to be a redemption tour. Translation -- the only star treatment he'll get will have to be in prison.

The Congressman also considers Cosby's punishment a #MeToo victory -- not just for his victims, but for all women in the future ... including his daughters.