Louis C.K. Comedy Cellar Crowd Gives It Up ... ALL Claps, No Boos

10/1/2018 5:03 PM PDT

Louis C.K. Gets Huge Applause During Return to Comedy Cellar

Louis C.K. ruffled feathers with his last surprise set in NYC -- some audience members called his appearance an "ambush" -- but Sunday night the crowd showed him nothin' but love.

Louis was introduced at the famed Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village -- the same place he popped up in August -- and it must have felt like old times for him. The Hollywood Reporter says it got this audio of his intro ... which brought thunderous applause.

There's a lot of cheering and whistling here, and you eventually hear Louis thank everyone. 

As we reported ... reactions to Louis' return to stand-up has been mixed, with some embracing it ... and many others saying it's too soon just a year after his sex scandal.

The Cellar is also where Aziz Ansari recently chose to do one of his own comeback sets.