'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Spice Goes All White Face

10/22/2018 2:04 PM PDT

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Spice Goes Full White Face for Album

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"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Spice has a lot of people talking the day she's pushing out new music -- but they're not talking about her singing -- it's her white face.

Spice posted a pretty shocking image of herself with super light skin Monday along with a message about her new mixtape. 

A rep for Spice tells us there's a track on the mixtape called "Black Hypocrisy" -- thus the look. 

Spice also deleted all her other posts ... which puts the spotlight on the new pic.

Fans were clearly not digging it, saying, "Wow I can't believe this, Spice! What the F**K have you done?" Another wrote, "Girl you look crazy af."