Jacob Tremblay Scores $100k Deal for 'The Shining' Sequel

11/9/2018 2:15 PM PST

Jacob Tremblay Scores $100k Movie Deal for Sequel to 'The Shining'


Jacob Tremblay's stock keeps rising 'cause he keeps landing big roles ... like his next one in the sequel to "The Shining."

The 12-year-old star child actor has scored a $100k deal to appear in the next movie based on Stephen King's work, tentatively titled "Doctor Sleep." It's slated to premiere in 2020 and it's got a star-studded cast that includes Ewan McGregor

Jacob's not even a teenager and already he's landed some big roles in Hollywood ... most notably and recently his part in "Wonder" alongside Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. The flick was a monumental success ... earning more than $305 mil worldwide.

He also starred in "Room" and had a recurring role on the TV kids series "Pete the Cat." Jacob's been busy in La La land ... he also lent his voice in the made-for-TV movie "Pete the Cat: A Very Christmas Movie" and is also in the comedy "Good Boys" slated for 2019.