Paris Hilton Ditches the Glam For Humanitarian Trip

11/13/2018 7:22 AM PST

Paris Hilton Visits Town in Mexico for Earthquake Relief

Paris Hilton's mom is right ... Paris is too busy to get married right now -- she's got her hands full helping a town in Mexico still reeling from a devastating earthquake.

Paris visited the town of Xochimilco on Monday to hand out pillows, and other items from her company, to families struggling to recover from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck in September 2017. She hugged little kids and posed for pics as she dropped off the gear.  

More than 100 people died in Central Mexico and tons of buildings were reduced to rubble -- so, humanitarian efforts are still much needed.

Paris teamed up with Un Kilo de Ayuda (One Kilo of Help) for this mission.

Wifey material FOR SURE -- if and when she's ready.