'Riverdale' Stars Archie & Jughead Strip for Lake Day New Zealand is for the Boys

1/10/2019 8:57 AM PST

'Riverdale' Stars KJ Apa & Cole Sprouse Go Shirtless in New Zealand

The guys from "Riverdale" are definitely enjoying their mid-season break right now -- and it looks like Archie's still in tip-top shape without a shirt on. Ditto for Jughead! 

KJ Apa -- who plays Archie -- and his right-hand man, Cole Sprouse, were spotted enjoying a day at a lake this week down in New Zealand, where they stripped down and took a much-needed dip.

We say much-needed because fans of the TV show are anxiously waiting for season 3 to continue. For now, these hot shots are gonna have to quench their thirst.

In the mid-season finale of "Riverdale" ... Archie was also shirtless and kicking some serious ass in an underground fight club at a juvenile detention center, from which he escaped. 

If this outing is any indication, KJ will hopefully stay topless through the rest of the season when the show returns later this month.

This might also be a preview of how single Archie will spend his time when he's not with Veronica.