Lady Gaga My Horse is Dying ... Bolts from Critics' Choice Awards

1/14/2019 6:42 AM PST

Lady Gaga Learns Horse is Dying After Winning Critics' Choice Awards

For Lady Gaga, her victories at the Critics' Choice Awards are totally overshadowed this morning by the news her beloved horse is dying.

The singer hauled in 2 awards Sunday for Best Song and Best Actress for her performance in "A Star is Born" -- but skipped all the after-parties because she'd just found out about her horse, Arabella.

Lady Gaga posted an emotional tribute, saying, "Our souls and spirits were one."

No doubt Arabella was a huge part of Gaga's life. She's posted tons of pictures of her trusted steed over the years.

It's been a rough month for the singer. The sad news comes on the heels of apologizing for collaborating with R. Kelly -- and pulling their 2013 track from streaming services as an act of solidarity with the women he allegedly abused.