'Surviving R. Kelly' Doc Shows Mother Tracking Down Daughter

1/4/2019 7:06 AM PST

'Surviving R. Kelly' Documentary Shows Mother Trying to 'Rescue' Her Daughter


R. Kelly allegedly kept a mother from seeing her daughter for years -- and the mother went on a hunt to track her down -- and it all happens on video for Friday's episode of Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly."

In the clip you see Michelle Kramer getting emotional as she tries to locate her daughter, Dominique Gardner ... tracking her down at a hotel and trying to bring her home. 

The mother blames Kelly for keeping her family apart, saying any man who keeps a child from its parents doesn't have a heart. Dominique was with Kelly for 9 years, lived with him for more than 4, and eventually went missing from her family.

Kelly's legal team has adamantly denied the reports and information within the doc ... firing off a cease and desist letter to Lifetime, threatening a lawsuit if the documentary aired. However, Lifetime remained defiant ... airing it anyways.  

In the clip ... Michelle finally tracks down Dominique at a hotel in Los Angeles ... and the Lifetime cameras were rolling when the family reunited. 

The next installments of the 6-part doc will air tonight, starting at 9 PM ET/PT.