Tisha Campbell-Martin Watch Out, 2019 ... Mama Said Knock You Out!!!

1/16/2019 12:50 AM PST

Tisha Campbell-Martin Trains for Boxing, Ready to Kick Ass in 2019


Tisha Campbell-Martin's done being a doormat -- she's heading into 2019 with some badass moves, so any haters or dark clouds, in general, better steer clear!!!

We got video of the "Martin" star putting in some serious work during mitt drills with her trainer, Jason Ross, from X2U Fitness. An easy way to tell Tisha's serious about her workouts ... check out her breathing and how she seamlessly ducks and pivots after mixing jabs and combinations.

Tisha's been boxing since she was 18 but we're told she recently rebooted her training sessions.

She could use the stress-relief after a tumultuous 2018. As we reported, Tisha pulled the plug on her marriage with Duane Martin almost exactly a year ago.

It's been a rough go since then, but just know Tisha's ready to kick ass going forward.