Liam Neeson Didn't Think About Innocent Black Men During 'Primal Hatred'

2/5/2019 8:08 AM PST

Liam Neeson Didn't Think About Innocent Black People During 'Primal Hatred'

Liam Neeson is insisting he's learned a lot about racism -- and is not a racist -- but it sounds like he doesn't get why his tale of wanting to kill a "black bastard" 40 years ago is upsetting to his fans today. 

The Oscar winner's out trying to promote a movie, so the fact is ... he's gonna have to answer questions about the shocking story of race and revenge he voluntarily revealed Monday to The Independent.

His mea culpa tour landed at 'GMA' Tuesday, and Neeson said we should all open up about inner thoughts to expose racism and bigotry. He told another story about anti-Semitism in Poland while shooting "Schindler's List."

The point he finally got -- after Robin Roberts hammered it a couple of times -- is why his fans, African-American and otherwise, are disappointed by his confession. 

He further admitted he didn't think about the fact he could have killed a totally INNOCENT black person.

Outside the 'GMA' studio Liam was asked if he can recover from this, career-wise. He didn't have an answer -- but time sure as hell will tell.