Jesse McCartney Makes Bold 'GoT' Prediction

4/18/2019 6:00 PM PDT

Jesse McCartney Makes Bold 'Game of Thrones' Prediction


Jesse McCartney thinks he knows what's going to happen on "Game of Thrones," and no spoiler here ... it all comes down to Jon Snow.

We got the singer and huge 'GoT' fan at LAX and asked him what he thought about the season 8 premiere. Jesse says it was solid for teeing up the final 5 episodes ... but he was a little let down by a lack of certain characters.

Still, McCartney's stoked for what's to come -- like millions of other HBO viewers -- and just like every other Thronee out there ... he's got a prediction.

It's a pretty interesting one, and Jesse makes it clear what he would do if he were Jon ... even though he's more of a Tyrion in real life.

BTW if Jesse is wrong ... we'll be sure to find him later and tell him, "You know nothing."