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Artie Lange

Artie Lange is a stand-up comedian, actor, and radio personality. He was born on October 11, 1967 in New Jersey. Lange was Howard Stern’s sidekick for eight and a half years until hitting rockbottom in 2010. Addicted to heroin, gambling, and hookers, a depressed Lange attempted to commit suicide by drinking bleach, stabbing himself in the stomach nine times, and slitting his wrists. His mom discovered him and rushed him to the hospital just in time. He spent 18 months in psych wards and detox programs. At the time, he was making upwards of $80,000 in one weekend for stand-up performances. He’s written two books, memoir “Too Fat to Fish” in 2008 and “Crash and Burn” in 2013. Lange was engaged to ex-girlfriend Adrienne, but the former couple split in 2014 because of his sobriety issues. He was arrested in March 2017 for cocaine and heroin possession, but the charges were downgraded to disorderly persons. Lange claims that this arrest caused him to be fired from HBO’s “Crashing,” but the network alleges the show was simply on hiatus and had been renewed for a second season. He hosts the podcast titled “uncensored.” DirecTV cancelled “The Artie Lange Show” in April 2014 after airing for over two years. Lange got his start when he starred on MADtv from 1995-1997.

Artie Lange Back in Jail After Court Hearing, Takes Bloody Nose Mug Shot

Artie Lange
Sad, Bloody Mug Shot ... Tests Positive for Cocaine, Morphine

Artie Lange is back in custody ... and his latest mug shot is very sad and disturbing. The comedian was in court Wednesday in Essex County, New Jersey. We're told he was taken into custody… READ MORE >

Artie Lange Flying Private Jet to Rehab After Pleading Guilty (UPDATE)

Artie Lange
Jetting to Rehab ... After Pleading Guilty

9:53 AM PT -- The Essex County Prosecutor's Office tells us Artie pled guilty to possession of 81 small bags of heroin worth $300-$500. In exchange, prosecutor's dismissed a possession of cocaine… READ MORE >

- 428 days ago
Artie Lange Arrested for Missing Another Court Date

Artie Lange
Misses Court Date, Lands in Jail ... (Rinse and Repeat)

Artie Lange is sitting in a NJ jail again, but it's not for drugs this time -- it's for missing a court date ... about a drug arrest. Cops busted the comedian Tuesday evening at his home in… READ MORE >

- 430 days ago
Artie Lange Hospitalized for High Blood Sugar, Cancels Comedy Show

Artie Lange
Hospitalized for High Blood Sugar ... Cancels Comedy Show

Artie Lange never made it to his show in Ohio this weekend -- but ya can't blame the guy ... he stayed grounded on doctor's orders.  Sources close to Artie tell TMZ ... he wasn't feeling… READ MORE >

- 489 days ago
Artie Lange Gets Big Break in Weird Drug Case

Artie Lange
Gets Big Break in Weird Drug Case

Artie Lange will not be charged with drug possession, despite a police report which says he had several bags of suspected heroin and coke. TMZ reported Artie was arrested at his New Jersey… READ MORE >

- 682 days ago
Artie Lange Still Cool With Cops, Performs NYPD Gig After Drug Bust (PHOTO)

Artie Lange
Still Cool W/ Cops!! NYPD Gig After Drug Bust

Artie Lange clearly holds no grudges ... because just days after he was busted for drugs he was onstage making hundreds of cops laugh their asses off. Talk about irony -- the comedian had… READ MORE >

- 691 days ago
Artie Lange Says 'Heroin Feels Amazing And That's Why You Get Addicted' (AUDIO)

Artie Lange
'Heroin Feels Amazing... That's Why You Get Addicted'

Artie Lange was brutally honest about his heroin addiction ... as bad as it is, it's irresistible.  Artie called into the "Len Berman & Todd Schnitt in the Morning" where he told… READ MORE >

- 695 days ago
Artie Lange's Sad Mug Shot

Artie Lange
Sad Mug Shot

Artie Lange's mug shot tells a sad story of his fight with addiction. Artie was arrested 8 days ago at his home in Hoboken, NJ. Cops were called to his apartment complex after neighbors complained… READ MORE >

- 698 days ago
Artie Lange Arrested for Heroin and Cocaine Possession in New Jersey

Artie Lange
Arrested for Heroin and Cocaine Possession

Artie Lange was busted with heroin and cocaine in the parking garage of his complex in Hoboken, NJ ... TMZ has learned. According to cops ... the comedian and 'Howard Stern Show' star had… READ MORE >

- 701 days ago
Artie Lange Roasts Odell Beckham ... 'Victoria Beckham Woulda Played Better' (VIDEO)

Artie Lange
Roasts Odell Beckham Victoria Beckham Woulda Played Better

"I figured out that Odell Beckham and Victoria Beckham literally could have switched lives yesterday and nobody woulda noticed." -- Artie Lange Artie is a HUUUGE Giants fan -- in fact, he… READ MORE >

- 768 days ago
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