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Busta Rhymes

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Busta Rhymes was born on May 20, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr.

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Busta Rhymes Gets in Street Scuffle in Times Square on New Year's

Busta Rhymes
Street Scuffle in Times Square ... Happy New Year!

Busta Rhymes' New Year got off to a heated start -- he came pretty close to blows with a guy who was not down with Busta hitting on his wife ... so we're told. Witnesses at the scuffle tell TMZ… READ MORE >

Busta Rhymes Sues Ex-Employee for $500k for Pretending to be His Manager

Busta Rhymes
Sues Ex-Employee You're Not My Manager!!!

Busta Rhymes just sued a former employee for allegedly pretending to be his manager and booking him for gigs without the rapper's permission. Busta is suing Rasheem "Bubba" Barker claiming… READ MORE >

- 156 days ago
Busta Rhymes Says Peter Dinklage Can Really Rap, Commerical Wasn't A Fluke

Busta Rhymes
Commercial Wasn't A Fluke Peter Dinklage Has Rap Skills

You're about to hear rap legend Busta Rhymes heap praise on the most underrated, underexposed MC you've ever heard of ... Peter Dinklage. Yeah, you read that right. We got Busta in NYC and asked… READ MORE >

- 471 days ago
Busta Rhymes Tries to Throw Down at Revolt Music Conference

Busta Rhymes
'What's Up N****?!!' Squared Off to Brawl in Miami

Busta Rhymes lets his temper get the best of him -- again -- and violently shoved a guy who got all up in his face. We're told the altercation went down at Diddy's REVOLT Music Conference in… READ MORE >

- 586 days ago
Marlon Wayans & Busta Rhymes Bust Out Freestyle Rap Battle!!!

Marlon Wayans & Busta Rhymes
Epic Freestyle Rap Battle 'Thought You Was 8 Months Pregnant!'

Marlon Wayans and Busta Rhymes pulled no punches torching each other in a freestyle rap battle that was probably better suited for a "Comedy Central Roast." Marlon and Busta hit up… READ MORE >

- 595 days ago
Prodigy Honored at BET Party

Famous Friends Raise a Glass After BET Awards

Prodigy's close friends, including his Mobb Deep partner, Havoc, Lil Kim and Busta Rhymes got together to pay their respects at a post-BET Awards event. Fat Joe and Remy Ma were also out Sunday… READ MORE >

- 700 days ago
Busta Rhymes -- PUMPED ABOUT DERRICK ROSE ... Not Pumped About Porzingis (VIDEO)

Busta Rhymes
PUMPED ABOUT DERRICK ROSE (Not Pumped About Porzingis)

Here's the summary of this video -- Busta Rhymes LOVES Derrick Rose. He LOVES Carmelo Anthony.  Porzingis?? Not so much.  Busta is a huuuuge NY Knicks fan -- and says the combination of… READ MORE >

- 1067 days ago
Busta Rhymes -- White House Visit to Change Criminal Justice System ... Woo Hah! Woo Hah! (VIDEO)

Busta Rhymes
White House Visit to Change System Woo Hah! Woo Hah!

Busta Rhymes is hot as fish grease over long prison sentences handed down to non-violent criminals ... so he's become an activist, fighting to change "mandatory minimums." Busta spoke to TMZ… READ MORE >

- 1151 days ago
Busta Rhymes Raging Out During NYC Gym Attack (VIDEO)

Busta Rhymes
Raging Out During NYC Gym Attack

Busta Rhymes did much more than just throw a protein shake during that fight in a gym -- surveillance video now shows him totally losing it on an employee! The incident went down in August at… READ MORE >

- 1286 days ago
Busta Rhymes -- Cuts a Deal In NY Muscle Milk Brawl

Busta Rhymes
Cuts a Deal In NY Muscle Milk Brawl

9:20 A.M. PST -- Busta's attorney, Scott Leemon tells TMZ ... "We are glad the DA's office did their own investigation and agreed that criminal charges were not warranted."Busta… READ MORE >

- 1297 days ago
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