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Desiigner Ordered to Fork Over Nearly $136k in Defamation Case

Ordered to Pay $136k in Defamation Case

Desiigner's gotta pay up for blasting a girl online by claiming she's a scam artist ... and he didn't even fight it. According to new legal docs ... the rapper's been ordered to fork over… READ MORE >

Desiigner Throws Punch at Heckler During Concert in Denmark

Throws Punch at Heckler ... Do NOT Call Me Future!!!

Desiigner got into a heated exchange with a fan who was egging him on during his concert, and even took a healthy swing ... after being called a knock-off version of Future! We've… READ MORE >

- 140 days ago
Desiigner Calls for Boycott of Scandinavian Airlines After Getting Banned

Hey Guys, Never Ever Fly SAS Again!!! ... They Put Hands on Me

Desiigner says he was kicked off a plane in Europe after a flight attendant allegedly put her hands on him -- and he's now calling for a full-on boycott of the airline ... claiming the whole… READ MORE >

- 141 days ago
Desiigner Off the Hook in Alleged Penis Exposure Case

Desiigner's Exposure Case
Off the Hook D*** Pics Inconclusive

Desiigner won't have to answer for allegedly flashing a NYC motorist -- 'cause the cameras that were in position to capture his penis simply weren't close enough ... TMZ has learned. Law… READ MORE >

- 337 days ago
Desiigner Sued for Blasting Woman Over His Sister's Belongings, College Experience

Desiigner Sued
I Got Your Sis into College Then You Trashed Me!!!

Desiigner is being sued by a woman who says he put her on blast, calling her a fraud after she helped his sister get into college ... TMZ has learned. Jessica Brown is pissed about the rapper's… READ MORE >

- 357 days ago
Desiigner Penis Pic Wanted by Cops To Support Exposure Case

Cops Want D*** Pic For Exposure Case

NYPD detectives want to get their hands on footage of Desiigner's junk as part of the investigation into a potential exposure case ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us NYPD is… READ MORE >

- 379 days ago
Desiigner on Cops' Radar After Exposing Himself During Meltdown

On Cops' Radar for Exposing Himself Tells Man, 'Suck My D***'

Desiigner was caught on video exposing himself twice during a heated argument ... and now cops wanna have a chat with him ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the rapper… READ MORE >

- 383 days ago
Desiigner Hyped AF at the Royal Rumble, Hollas at WWE's Torrie Wilson!

Hyped A.F. at the Royal Rumble ... Hollas at Torrie Wilson!

Move over, Wale -- there's a new WWE superfan rapper, and his name is Desiigner! Want proof? Check out the "Panda" M.C. at the Royal Rumble in Philly Sunday night ... losing his damn mind… READ MORE >

- 387 days ago
Desiigner Caught Peeing in Public on Garage Then Running Back to His Car

Couldn't Hold It ... Urine Trouble Now

Desiigner got caught with his pants down while making a surprise pit stop in a residential neighborhood ... and TMZ has the video! The rapper was spotted in WeHo Tuesday taking a leak on… READ MORE >

- 455 days ago
Desiigner Performed at WWE's Paul Heyman's Son's Bar Mitzvah for Free

WWE's Paul Heyman
I Got the Dude from 'Panda' To Rap at My Kid's Bar Mitzvah!

Brock Lesnar's WWE hype man, Paul Heyman, got Desiigner to jump on stage and do his thing for his son's bar mitzvah ... and it didn't cost him a dime. Paul threw his son, Jacob, a… READ MORE >

- 477 days ago
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