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Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren was born on June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA as Elizabeth Ann Herring. She has been married to Bruce Mann since July 12, 1980. She was previously married to Jim Warren.  See full bio on IMDb »

Elizabeth Warren Explains Why Bran Shouldn't Have Won 'Game of Thrones'

Elizabeth Warren
Bran Shouldn't Have Won the 'GoT' ... He Didn't DO Anything

Y'know that meme about Bran Stark not contributing anything to the group project, but still getting an A? Well, Elizabeth Warren is here to tell you why that's 100% correct. We got the… READ MORE >

Elizabeth Warren, AOC Say 'Game of Thrones' Finale Screwed Women

Elizabeth Warren, AOC
'GoT' Writers Screwed Women Right Off the Iron Throne!!!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are PISSED at the ending of "Game of Thrones" ... and they're lamenting the fact a woman didn't end up ruling all of… READ MORE >

- 28 days ago
Elizabeth Warren Praises Alex Cora for Trump Boycott, 'I Admire Him'

Elizabeth Warren
Praises Alex Cora for Trump Boycott ... 'I Admire Him'

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora is getting high praise from Elizabeth Warren -- who says she "admires" Cora for his decision to boycott Trump's White House over his treatment of Puerto… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
Joe Biden Doesn't Recall Head Kissing Claim, Promises to Listen

Joe Biden
Doesn't Recall Head Kiss Claim ... Promises to Listen

3/31 -- Joe Biden has issued a second statement on Lucy Flores' accusation of kissing her on the head in 2014, again saying he doesn't recall the encounter the way Flores describes it ... but… READ MORE >

- 79 days ago
Elizabeth Warren's Energized by Campaign Trail, Runs to Catch Train

Elizabeth Warren
Campaign Trail's Got Me Energized ... I Can Run For Anything

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in great shape to run ... and not just for President in 2020. Senator Warren bolted through NYC's Penn Station Monday afternoon trying to catch a train -- even as… READ MORE >

- 85 days ago
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rubs Patriots' Win In Haters' Faces

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Rubs Patriots' Win In Haters' Faces

Senator Elizabeth Warren can't hear all the Patriots' haters ... 'cause she's too busy CELEBRATING YET ANOTHER TRIP TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! We got the biggest New England fan on the Hill… READ MORE >

- 153 days ago
Tom Brady, Belichick Will Keep Josh Gordon Out of Trouble, Says Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Brady & Belichick
Will Keep Josh Gordon in Line ... Says Sen. Warren

The biggest Patriots fan on the Hill is straight-up PUMPED for Josh Gordon in Foxborough ... and tells TMZ Sports having Tom Brady and Bill Belichick around will help keep the troubled… READ MORE >

- 273 days ago
Rob Corddry Explains the Real Reason Elizabeth Warren Loves 'Ballers'

Rob Corddry
Sen. Warren's Love for 'Ballers' Ain't All About The Rock

Senator Elizabeth Warren is apparently a HUGE fan of The Rock's HBO series, "Ballers" -- but one of Dwayne's costars says it's not because of his star power like she claims. Our photog ran into… READ MORE >

- 309 days ago
Elizabeth Warren Says the NRA Owns Congress

Elizabeth Warren
'NRA Owns Congress'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says the Florida mass shooting is sadly a vicious cycle set on repeat ... and her colleagues won't do anything about it because they're a bunch of muppets for the… READ MORE >

- 487 days ago
Elizabeth Warren Says Steven Soderbergh's Wrong, Men Will Keep Hiring Women

Elizabeth Warren
Men Can't Work Without Women ... Relax, Soderbergh

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says director Steven Soderbergh's got nothing to worry about when it comes to a potential #MeToo backlash against women in the workplace. We got Senator Warren… READ MORE >

- 511 days ago
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