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Jim Brown

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James W. Brown is known for his work on Priest (2011), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and Constantine (2005).  See full bio on IMDb »

Jim Brown Praises John Singleton, 'Never Forgot About the Community'

Jim Brown
Praises John Singleton 'Never Forgot About the Community'

NFL legend Jim Brown tells TMZ Sports he had tremendous respect for John Singleton -- not only because he was incredibly talented, but he used his talents to bring communities together. … READ MORE >

Barry Sanders, Jim Brown and Emmitt Smith Force Us to Rank Them

Barry Sanders
Jim Brown & Emmitt BATTLE OF THE BACKS

Here's an amazing photo ... Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders all got together at a massive autograph signing event over the weekend -- and it begs the question, how do you rank these… READ MORE >

- 94 days ago
Larry Fitzgerald Says Tom Brady Is The G.O.A.T., Debate Is Over!

Larry Fitzgerald
Brady Is The G.O.A.T. ... Debate Is Over!!!

Larry Fitzgerald is throwing in the towel on the G.O.A.T. debate ... telling TMZ Sports there's "no question" Tom Brady is football's best ever. We got the future Hall of Fame receiver leaving… READ MORE >

- 136 days ago
Baker Mayfield's H.S. Coach Defends QB After Hue Beef, He Was Easy On Coaches!

Baker Mayfield
H.S. Coach Defends QB After Hue Beef ... He Was Easy On Coaches!

Baker Mayfield's H.S. coach is going to bat for his ex-QB after the Browns superstar torched Hue Jackson ... saying Baker was just doing what he thought was best for his team. Of course ...… READ MORE >

- 203 days ago
Baker Mayfield Triples Down On Hue Jackson Hate, 'I Get To Have My Own Opinion'

Baker Mayfield
Triples Down On Hue Jackson Hate 'I Get To Have My Own Opinion'

Baker Mayfield didn't regret torching Hue Jackson after Sunday's game ... he didn't regret doing it again on Monday ... and he DEFINITELY didn't regret doing it a third time Wednesday. The QB has… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
Jim Brown Defends Hue Jackson, He Made Good Move Going To Bengals

Jim Brown
Defends Hue Jackson ... He Made A Good Move

Jim Brown is going to bat for Hue Jackson ... telling TMZ Sports the bitterness toward Cleveland's ex-head coach needs to end. Of course, Hue took only a few days to join up with the Browns'… READ MORE >

- 206 days ago
Jim Brown Defends Kanye's White House Visit Says It Was 'Very Postitive'

Jim Brown
Defends White House Visit With Kanye ... 'Trump Treated Us Beautifully'

Jim Brown has ZERO regrets about the Oval Office meeting today with Donald Trump and Kanye West ... saying it was an incredible opportunity and he's thankful to 45. West has… READ MORE >

- 252 days ago
President Trump Praises Jim Brown, 'Would Be Highest Paid NFL Player Right Now'

President Trump
Jim Brown Would Be Highest Paid NFL Player ... If He Played Now

Donald Trump says Jim Brown was such a stud back in the day, he would UNDOUBTEDLY be the highest paid player in the NFL if he was active right now.  The problem is ... he's wrong. "I've… READ MORE >

- 252 days ago
Tim Tebow Says Tom Brady 'Probably' Best NFL Player Ever

Tim Tebow
Greatest NFL Player Ever? ... Probably Tom Brady

Is Tom Brady the greatest NFL player of all time? Tim Tebow thinks so ... but this clip just set off a firestorm in the TMZ office.  Jim Brown. Joe Montana. Jerry Rice. Lawrence… READ MORE >

- 263 days ago
Jim Brown Admits He Was Wrong About Baker Mayfield, Browns Can Make Playoffs!!

Jim Brown
I Was Wrong About Baker Mayfield Browns Can Make Playoffs!!

Jim Brown is happily enjoying his crow today ... 'cause the Browns legend tells TMZ Sports he was so wrong about Baker Mayfield -- he actually thinks Cleveland's got a shot at the playoffs now!!… READ MORE >

- 266 days ago
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