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Miranda Lambert

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Miranda Lambert was born on November 10, 1983 in Lindale, Texas, USA as Miranda Leigh Lambert. She was previously married to Blake Shelton.  See full bio on IMDb »

Miranda Lambert's Husband's Path to Fame Included 'Project Runway' Cameo

Miranda Lambert's Husband
Fame Train Continues ... 'Project Runway' Cameo

Miranda Lambert's hot cop husband is no stranger to the spotlight ... because his thirst for fame once led him to an appearance on 'Project Runway.' We did some digging and discovered Brendan… READ MORE >

Miranda Lambert's Hubby Wanted To Meet Her Forever, First Met Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert's Husband
Dying To Meet Her For Years ... But First Met Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert's new police officer husband is a country music fanatic who was pining to meet her for years ... but before meeting her, he met another one of his favs -- Miranda's ex, Blake… READ MORE >

- 91 days ago
Miranda Lambert's Hot Cop Husband Reached Viral Fame in 2015

Miranda Lambert
Hot Cop Hubby Already Went Viral ... Dancin' in the Street

Miranda Lambert's new police officer hubby is no stranger to the fame game -- in fact, his 15 minutes trace way back to 2015 and a little something called the "Cupid Shuffle." Brendan McLoughlin… READ MORE >

- 92 days ago
Miranda Lambert's Cop Hubby Taken Off Foot Patrol Thanks to Media Attention

Miranda Lambert
Officer Hubby is Off Foot Patrol ... Thanks to Media Attention

Miranda Lambert's police officer husband is learning the hard way -- ya can't marry someone famous without taking on their fame ... and his 9-5 is exhibit A.  Sources familiar with the… READ MORE >

- 92 days ago
Miranda Lambert & New Husband Forge Ahead with Commuter Marriage

Miranda Lambert
Wades Into a Commuter Marriage ... Between TN & NY

Miranda Lambert's new hubby is NOT dropping his life in New York and hightailing it to Nashville -- quite the contrary, she'll be going to him and vice versa. Sources close to the newly-married… READ MORE >

- 93 days ago
Miranda Lambert and New Husband Flash Wedding Bands in NYC

Miranda Lambert
Bands Together with New Hubby ... For Leather Weather in NYC

Miranda Lambert has left Tennesse and is now back in the Big Apple with a hunk of a husband hanging from her arm ... and some sweet new bling perched on her finger. The country singer was… READ MORE >

- 95 days ago
Miranda Lambert Reveals She Recently Got Married

Miranda Lambert
Guess What ... I Got Married!!!

5:40 PM PT -- Miranda's husband, Brendan, is an NYPD officer who's assigned to the Midtown South precinct in Manhattan. We're told he has several years on the force and walks a foot post in Times… READ MORE >

- 96 days ago
Miranda Lambert Restaurant Fight 911 Call, 'She's Flipping Plates Over!'

Miranda Lambert 911
Send Backup ... She's Fighting and Flipping Plates!!!

Geez, Miranda Lambert dumps ONE salad on a woman, and Nashville cops get flooded with frantic 911 calls ... and the recordings are damn entertaining. The first call came from a staffer at Stoney… READ MORE >

- 97 days ago
Miranda Lambert Dumps Salad On Woman And Video Shows Heated Confrontation

Miranda Lambert
Pics & Vids of Confrontation ... In Salad Dumping Incident

1:25 PM PT -- We just got video of the incident ... and you see Miranda's millennial friend getting screamed at by the guy whose wife ended up with a salad on her lap. The video was shot after… READ MORE >

- 99 days ago
Miranda Lambert -- Anderson East Tells Audience, She's 'My Girl'

Miranda Lambert
Anderson East Tells Audience She's 'My Girl'

Miranda Lambert's BF Anderson East told the world Wednesday night she's his girl. With a little prodding from Chris Stapleton, who was headlining at The Greek in L.A., Anderson did backup to "My… READ MORE >

- 1120 days ago
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