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Tyler the Creator

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Tyler, The Creator is an American musician in all aspects, including producing, directing music videos as well as writing and performing as an artist. He was born in Boulder, Colorado as Tyler Okonma to a single mother. In 2008 Tyler, The Creator founded the hip-hop collective Odd Future, a controversial, alternate group. At such a young age Tyler, The Creator became a hit in 2011 with his first single Yonkers, which was a track from his upcoming album, Goblin. Odd Future are now a popular group with the younger generations, with their own television show 'Loiter Squad', all with thanks to Tyler Okonma's odd imagination.  See full bio on IMDb »

Tyler, the Creator Crashes Tesla into Parked Car Early Thursday

Tyler, the Creator
Slams Tesla SUV into Parked Car

1:00 PM PT --  Tyler tweeted about the incident, saying he dozed off for a few seconds while driving home from a late night at a recording studio ... and that's why he crashed. Tyler, the… READ MORE >

Tony Hawk Reveals Best Celebrity Skateboarder, 'He Can Do Triple Heelflips!'

Tony Hawk
Reveals Best Celeb Skateboarder 'He Can Do Triple Heelflips!'

Justin Bieber ... Skrillex ... Lil Wayne -- they ain't got NOTHING on Hopsin when it comes to the skate park ... so says boarding legend Tony Hawk. "Guy can do triple heelflips!" Hawk tells… READ MORE >

- 250 days ago
Tyler the Creator -- ARRESTED ... For Inciting a Riot

Tyler the Creator
Arrested For Inciting a Riot

Tyler the Creator was arrested Saturday afternoon at an airport in Texas ... after cops say they had a warrant with his name on it -- for starting a riot at the SXSW festival.Austin PD officials… READ MORE >

- 1896 days ago
Tony Hawk -- There's ONE Rapper ... Who's LEGIT on a Skateboard

Tony Hawk
There's ONE Rapper Who's LEGIT on a Skateboard

Sorry Lil Wayne ... Tony Hawk says there's one rapper who's skateboard skills are FOR REAL ... and it ain't Weezy. "Honestly, the best skater that I've seen who raps is Tyler the Creator," Hawk… READ MORE >

- 1914 days ago
Justin Bieber -- D.A. REJECTS Spitting and Speeding Cases

Justin Bieber
D.A. REJECTS Speeding, Spitting Cases Calls Him 'IMMATURE'

11:45 AM PT:  The D.A.'s Office says the man never saved the loogie claiming it was a clerical error. Justin Bieber is in the clear ...… READ MORE >

- 2060 days ago
Tyler, The Creator -- I Didn't Share a Milkshake With Justin Bieber ... 'That's Gay'

Tyler, The Creator
I Didn't Split Milkshake With Bieber 'That's Gay'

Tyler, the Creator is adamant ... he didn't go splitsies on a strawberry milkshake with Justin Bieber during a burger run this week telling TMZ, "That's gay."He also says he doesn't even like… READ MORE >

- 2093 days ago
Justin Bieber Date Night with Tyler, the Creator -- Strawberry Milkshake for Two!

Bieber & Tyler, the Creator
Date Night Strawberry Milkshake for 2

Justin Bieber and Tyler, the Creator got straight up romantic during a burger run in L.A. last night, splitting a strawberry milkshake while they enjoyed their 100% ground beef heart-stoppers.The… READ MORE >

- 2095 days ago
Justin Bieber -- Reckless Driving Case Goes to L.A. District Attorney

Justin Bieber
Reckless Driving Case Goes to D.A.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is not impressed that Tyler, The Creator claims he was driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari at crazy speeds on Memorial Day ... because they just sent a criminal case… READ MORE >

- 2163 days ago
Video Shows Justin Bieber WASN'T Driving Ferrari in Keyshawn Johnson Confrontation

Justin Bieber

Score one for Justin Bieber ... he was NOT driving his Ferrari the day Keyshawn Johnson confronted him for reckless driving -- and there's video that proves it.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ...… READ MORE >

- 2171 days ago
Tyler, the Creator -- I Didn't TERRORIZE Calabasas In Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Tyler, the Creator
I Didn't TERRORIZE Calabasas in Bieber's Ferrari

Tyler, the Creator tells TMZ ... he was definitely driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari on the day of the confrontation with Keyshawn Johnson ... but insists he never burned rubber or endangered kids.… READ MORE >

- 2171 days ago
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