EXCLUSIVE: Denise Richards -- I've Been Betrayed

5/3/2006 12:07 PM PDT

EXCLUSIVE: Denise Richards -- I've Been Betrayed

We're told that last fall Locklear began bringing Spade to Richards' home and that the two would openly show affection toward each other. In one case, sources say a family member at Richards' home openly said they were uncomfortable watching the two of them - this occurring months before Locklear pulled the trigger on her marriage.

Locklear's rep would not comment on the TMZ story. Spade's rep calls the claims "completely false and ridiculous." A source connected with Locklear says Richards' allegations are "ridiculous" and that "it's a thinly veiled attempt by Richards to try to deflect her own conduct." The source adds Spade and Locklear were never in a romantic relationship prior to the time she filed for divorce.

As for Richards' relationship with Sambora, we're told the two of them had a chance meeting at a restaurant where they took their kids. They commiserated with each other about the demise of their marriages, but, we're told, there was nothing romantic until late March.

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