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Jessica's Rockin'

Body of Work

7/12/2006 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson showed off her killer curves while celebrating her 26th birthday in Cabo San Lucas on Monday.
Jessica Simpson
The sexy divorcee hung out in the sun at a private residence sporting a bikini, cowboy hat and the prerequisite Hollywood starlet oversized sunglasses.

Despite having a body to die for, Jess tells OK! Magazine, "I love my body. I'm just not one to show off. I'm shy about it." And you can tell in the pictures as she tried to hide under a beach towel.

Jessica doesn't want to be rail thin and says "There's something very empowering about curves. You can't strut your stuff when you're skinny." Take that Nicole Richie.

Jessica Simpson
The buxom blonde adds she would consider getting a boob job - and by that she means breast reduction - "If I have kids and they're hanging to my waist, that's when I might start to think about having something done to them. Right now they're perky and cute."
Jessica Simpson
You can see more of Simpson's firm physique in the video to her new single "A Public Affair." The Madonna-like track is getting a lot of buzz and the singer turned actress couldn't be happier. "I've never had my song played in a club before. It made me feel cool."

Check out the entire exclusive interview in the July 24 issue of OK!

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Pose or die already so there's more air for me to breath
No talent HACK

3022 days ago


I have to agree about not giving love a chance. Both of them and you can see the love they had destroyed something that was very beautiful and real. It truely is a tragedy that their marriage did not work! I think her father is an obessesive figure in her life, something isn't right there. I am certain he had a lot to do with this divorce. Its sad Jessica can't think for herself. Im certain one day she will realize how much Nick loved her and Im certain still does. Thats something you just don't through away that easily no matter what! Best of Luck, Jessica and Nick:)

3022 days ago


I will admit her songs are not big hits, but there is something about her. The camera loves her, reason for that is because she is very very beautiful. I have seen her in person up close, and she is drop dead gorgeous. She has Star appeal. People like JS dont come out on magazine covers because they are dumb and talentless, quite the opposite, they are are very smart and beautiful, and they are using their God given gifts to their advantage. Gotta admire someone who puts herself for millions of people to watch and judge her.

3022 days ago


I am outraged that the poster #10 who seems to be comdeming Jessica for leaving Nick, hey it was Nick's adultry that caused this breakup. I cant see blaming Jessica for not wanting to "work it out". Nick lost a beautiful relationship because he couldnt control his lust. Jessica is a very strong woman to not let the public criticism or Nick's antics hinder her from enjoying life and her career. Thumbs up Jessica!!!!!

3022 days ago


Jessica is hot and that can't be denied. Most of the comments here are by "trailer trash" losers who will never amount to squat. She has to toe the line like most pro sports figures. My IQ is higher than that womanizer A. Einstein and I am very attracted to Jessica. I could put up with her easier than other "commenters" here, even if she were poor. Gm Ro

3022 days ago


I am not jealous of jessica (my comment in number 9). i am simple saying people are complaining about her, and they are calling her names and what not, i am saying she has the dough...And that she is set for life..How can i be jealous of her.....Far from it.....She is her own person and what she does with her life is entirely up to her. Not the fans.....I give the girl credit.......And besides her leaving nick, The only way you know the truth is reading it in the tabloids....No one knows the truth..It is a simple case of he said she said.......You can't judge the girl in her relationship, The only people who know the truth is the 2 people that are involved....How do you know she didn't try.. how do you know he didn't try...It's sad.Your whole life is lived by everyone else.....Give the girl some respect.....AND FOR THE RECORD I AM NOT JEALOUS!!!!!

3022 days ago


She drives me nuts! Her teeth drive me nuts they are huge! I was done with her when the former Christian choir girl shook her ass in the Dukes of Hazards video- she did not look shy to me then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a hypocrite! And totally fake!!!! Her ditzy words and actions on the Newlyweds were just for attention.

3022 days ago


Those who are jealous of Jessica Simpson are most likely fans of Paris Hilton.You want to hear bad singing listen to Paris.

3022 days ago


i think Jessica is someone who wants to be the girl next door type but also wants evryone to know that she has the bod and the personality of a women who is very in control of herself....i think her past songs have been good but the one that just came out was (i'm sorry Jessica) terrible!!!! Her acting isn't all that good either!!! But i still can't believe she gave up the best man in like the world!!!! And now she wants kids after he pretty much begged for them while they were together. Bit**...that was downright wrong!!!! well i said my piece so...bye niggas

3021 days ago


That new song of hers sucks ass. A complete rip off. I can't stand when people do that kind of crap. She ruined a decent Madonna song. At least Madonna had some talent. Geezus. Someone needs to write Jessica some better songs. She might want to consider investing in a new song writer. Cuz whoever came up with this latest garbage should be shot.

3021 days ago

A mommy too!    

Okay... I don't really like Jessica anymore but yes is she the TYPICAL and somwhat fake looking, dumb acting blonde. DUH she knows it and she knows that is the ONLY reason besides her Newlywed series with Nick. who without him obviously was nothing. (If she was, she would have signed Pre-Nup. for a fact) has a dime to her name. Is she really talented enough to get a movie role.. HECK NO.. she was just marketed at the right time.. she will fade away. But yes she is not ugly by anymeans but she isn't curvy either. She is rail thin and hollywood primed..Money is the only thing on her mind. (Multi tasking a brain like that? she would overheat, lol) But oh well good for her, but she is no Saint like you all are trying to make her. Daddy has turned her into a money cow and daddy is milking her dry.( and EWWWW he really is a GROSS individual) She is not a Saint for not talking about her marriage ending, she is a B&*ch because thats about how much it matter to her and she is nothing but a party girl. (and getting way to old for that too!) Is Nick cashing in on talking about it (Needs to with what that twit offered.) but not really he just isn't avoiding the questions. If they're asked, he answers. Thats not cashing in, thats a Man that has no guilt and nothing to hide. Has he really talked lately NOPE.. he is enjoying his life after all the CR&P the SIMPSON SICKO'S have put him through. He deserves some normalcy now. All I can say is best of luck to both.. Nick you finally figured it out and Jessica for needing help to figure life out and how sick and demented you father comes accross with you to the public.

3021 days ago


Jessica is simply amazing. u guys are f!@#$!@ jealous about her! think about urself next time!!!!!!

3021 days ago


FYI.. Thank's God we live in the United States of America, we all have the right to express our personal feeling. This site has been created for our comments. There are thoses that Love Jessica and thoses who don't.
But the truth is she has changed very much. I was a huge fan of her, I loved watching their show on MTV. B/c she still wasn't famous yet, she was still down to earth. Then the money started pouring in for her. Yes, that was all good, she we all know she really had to work hard for it, so now she has all the right to enjoy, how she wants. But with all that said and done,,, her marriage to is something else. In her show she was always to dry to Nick, this guy would do everthing for her. She didn't care enough to save her marriage. Everyone blames Nick for being with other girls, after the split. But poor Guy, while being with Jessica I'm sure he didn't have to much love making, and while marriaged he was faithful. If he wasn't you know the media would have had pitcures of him. So that proof he was loyaled while being married. She did do a big mistake, she wants fame!!
Being famous can be lonely, you never know who are your real friend.
Pappa Joe better drink lots of vitamins to be their for her.

3021 days ago


Someone stated that if she sucked, then she wouldn't be famous. Come on, you know that many atrocious actors and music-people get by on looks. If she was unattractive, chubby, and brunette her career would have been demolished.

It's not about the quality of your voice or if you have a good personality, it's all about how you look. Jessica, dull and untalented, is hot to many. Sucks for all the uglies with real talent.

3021 days ago

Natasha T.    

Jessica is great and a hard worker. Would any of u saying these things about ur mom,sis, etc.....................(I think NOT) The only other thing to say is, Jessica's personal life is just that!!!!!!!!!!! Are u guys mad that u couldn't afford the DVD's of there show. Really folks get a life and stop acting like u wouldn't love to have her life. I am sorry abt her split but S__T happens. I am sure she will be ok and so will Nick. Goodluck in LIFE and made today better then the one before it................

3021 days ago
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