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Jessica's Rockin'

Body of Work

7/12/2006 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson showed off her killer curves while celebrating her 26th birthday in Cabo San Lucas on Monday.
Jessica Simpson
The sexy divorcee hung out in the sun at a private residence sporting a bikini, cowboy hat and the prerequisite Hollywood starlet oversized sunglasses.

Despite having a body to die for, Jess tells OK! Magazine, "I love my body. I'm just not one to show off. I'm shy about it." And you can tell in the pictures as she tried to hide under a beach towel.

Jessica doesn't want to be rail thin and says "There's something very empowering about curves. You can't strut your stuff when you're skinny." Take that Nicole Richie.

Jessica Simpson
The buxom blonde adds she would consider getting a boob job - and by that she means breast reduction - "If I have kids and they're hanging to my waist, that's when I might start to think about having something done to them. Right now they're perky and cute."
Jessica Simpson
You can see more of Simpson's firm physique in the video to her new single "A Public Affair." The Madonna-like track is getting a lot of buzz and the singer turned actress couldn't be happier. "I've never had my song played in a club before. It made me feel cool."

Check out the entire exclusive interview in the July 24 issue of OK!

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Ok people...Yes Jessica DID have real homegrown boobs...and NO i am not jealous! I for one have been blessed in the boob department (and no I am not fat!) But anyways heres a pic that shows her boobs do in fact look fake. They look like round balloons!!

2994 days ago


I luv Jessica Simpson has nothing to do with her talent or lack of. She is a gorgeous girl and she has found what works for her. BUT 2nd photo...Where is her belly button??? Might be why she has a towl over a hot figure.

2994 days ago



2993 days ago


she does look very nice tho, for being "fake" right, btw her boobs do look real not fake.

2993 days ago


JELOUSY!! Jessica Simpson may be an "airhead," but she is a gorgeous one. She does not look fake. If you ever paid attention to her when she first came out, you would know that she has always had an amazing rack (an idiot can see that they are natural; some fakes come close, but fakes do not have a natural sag). Face it, Jessica Simpson is not going anywhere and is hott.

2991 days ago


I was so overcome with her fineness... *JEALOUSY

2991 days ago


Can we say the lights are on and nobody is home?????????? What a waste of a human body. There's no brain matter in the head. The wind whistles through the ears. Who cares if she is seeing anyone or who whe is with. When she figures out if buffalos have wings or if Chicken of the Sea is tuna or chicken, then she can be taken seriously. Even her voice is annoying. I could picture looking into her ear and hearing The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly theme playing while a tumbleweed rolls through.

2991 days ago


Shy about showing her body? She has to be kidding! That must be the new p/r tactic her parents have for her, to be more modest & drum up interest. Her top is hanging out in almost every pix she takes! It's ridiculous.

2991 days ago


From what I gathered from the Newlyweds....Jessica's mom and dad are a big part of them splitting. TV made it look like Nick was getting in the way of her success because Jessica and her parents showed actions of this. Mom and Dad (esp. Dad) bred the selfishness in Jessica....they have the same attitude as their daughter. Nick was the most down to earth, did not let fame change him, genuine person she'll EVER even meet. When she didn't try to work things out at the... I'm sure request of her DADDY....I lost all respect also. Wasn't her DADDY in the ministry???? It goes to show you what money can do to a person who is not really grounded. I listened to Jessica's "In This Skin" CD nite and day, and only wished I could live this life. It took a while to see Jessica was really shallow, fake, and selfish. The world doesn't need another one like her. As far as for Nick....she was holding HIM back from what he is now accomplishing for himself. He is the love of most womens life BECAUSE his values are sooooo much better than Jessica even deserves. Jessica only used Nick as a stepping stone. Her fame is not real and she will go back many steps when the hype is over. Nick WILL be truely happy in life because he will keep his humble, down to earth TRUE Christian parent family oriented raisin values. I love u Nick..... Tammie

2991 days ago


JESSICA.....over rated over exposed....NEXT!!!!

2991 days ago


Jessica may not be the best at everything, but at least she tries for her goals. Think about it, if you guys say that she isn't good at anything or not that interesting, then why is she so famous and makes so much money? Why is she on the covers of magazines? Some people seem to think she is of interest. Her and Nick broke off their marriage, so what, that is their choice. It wouldn't be too good for two people to stay together without the love, would it. I wish people would stop their jugment on people, no one knows them personaly, only by what they read which alot of times, truth is streched to sell the messangers words and get as much money as they can get. Don't you agree?

2991 days ago



2990 days ago


What makes you think that being married to Nick was not another one of Daddy's big ideas? She was a real nothing when she married Nick and before the Newlywed show then all of a sudden she is on the A-list. there are lots of people on the A-list and they don't give away their private life. She is still giving it away and so is Nick. I like them both but I think what happens at home should stay at home. I'm still confused about how you can be so much in love and a virgin and throw all of that away. I don't care who you are. They will both be sorry when the light fades and so will her parents for make this happen. Jess and Nick need to stay out of the lime light and they will probably do much better with their careers.

2990 days ago

Kimberly Lewis    

YES! Jessica is still famous. If people like: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Brett Ratner, and Quenten Tarrentino, were interested in working with me, I think I'd be WAY-PAST the point of only having 15min. of fame to!

However, those opportunitys are comming to her, wheather you like her or not!
And contrary to what anyone thinks about her intellagence, she's smart enough to take them up on those offers! I would! Why would someone like Eva Longoria be friends with her? She does'nt strike me as being hard-up for anyone's attention!
Jessica's enjoying her life and not giving a S*** what you or any one else thinks. She has her family, her friends and she's proven, year after year, to have staying-power, inspite of people like you.

2990 days ago


Did she really girate in front of her DAD in the "boots" video? I never saw the video, just heard she was scantily dressed.
If she did girate in front of Daddy, Daddy is sick for letting her or wanting her to do that. She's his daughter, not his girlfriend for goodness sakes.

2990 days ago
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