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Janet Blacklist?

7/28/2006 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fans of Janet Jackson are in a fury over the alleged lack of support MTV is showing their first Icon.

Janet Jackson on the set of her new video

Many posts on Janet's official message board are complaining that MTV has yet to premiere or even announce a date of a debut for the singer's latest video "Call On Me," which was first played on BET last Wednesday. Fans have flooded the message boards with tons of Janet support, but, according to these fans, many posts were deleted by a moderator for "obscene, vulgar, abusive or harassing comments."

There is much speculation over why Janet has been "blacklisted" from MTV airplay, but most fingers point to her 2004 Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction," which was co-produced by MTV, who was fined by the FCC for the mishap.

Calls to MTV were not immediately returned.


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Janet's new song, 'Call on Me' featuring Nelly is a R&B hit. It is one of Janet's biggest R&B songs in years! The video is also fantastic. The "haters" will keep hating and Janet will continue to be the international superstar who keeps going year after year! 20 years later and still grabbing headlines! Janet is awesome. Janet fans are also awesome!

3005 days ago

jacob rivera    

Janet Jackson does not need mtv to play her video in order for her to succeed in my opinion if u look at all these new female pop & R & B singers ciara, britney,beyonce,jessica ,mya black or white even latina artist j-lo shakira- are copying every move or even dance pose and vidoe dance concept janet has ever done so just because her new song or video is slacky a lil i'll never count janet out she is a jackson after all.There is only one other womean that can dance like janet & that is MISS TINA TURNER.Make that money janet.

3001 days ago


The bottom line is that Janet is banned, and Justin's video is rotating faster than 17 in. rims.

I find it apalling that MTV, which is now the Network equivalent of a programming swapmeet has the audacity to continue this nonsense.

What I find even MORE appalling is that the new president of MTV is a black woman.

3000 days ago


Let's see if MTV blacklists Justin's new single, I seriously doubt it and he's the one that snatched the girls thingy off, I remember distinctly that Janet had a shocked look on her face; like this was not supposed to happen.

3012 days ago


My comments were deleted and had nothing obscene or vulgar in them. They did have the word "janet" though.

All evening I saw posts and threads disappearing for no apparent reason. Simple video requests were removed as well as whole threads regarding MTV's behavior regarding their treatment of J.T vs. Janet.

3012 days ago


Thats dirty... MTV should support her.... or not support Justin. simple as that.

NOTE: MTV IS Dirty... they deleted all of my intelligent post in support of Janet and them playing her new video... instead of deleting the entire post they opted to delete all the comment in support of janet and leave the negative ones... classic mtv classic

3012 days ago

Oh Canada    

The Superbowl wardrobe malfunction is ancient history. Maybe MTV along with many other people believe Ms. Jackson is full of crap. I liked her even less when she started announcing she gained 40 to 60 pounds for a movie role, as if she's Robert Deniro, were they about to film Raging Bull 2.
Why hasn't anybody asked what the hell was the name of this phantom movie, and who the hell was this director???

I would have had more respect for Ms. Jackson if she admitted she was just in a bad place, and she comforted herself with food like the rest of us non celebrities.
Then there was all this hoopla about how she lost 40 to 60 pounds in 3 to 4 months. Give us a break, you would have to live on 500 calories a day and exercise like crazy to do that, essentially, you'd have to starve yourself.
I think she's sending the wrong message to young women, and people in general.
I don't know if the Jackson family knows how to tell the truth. I don't know if there was steroids involved, but she's starting to look like a female impersonator.

TheJacksons had their time in the spotlight, the world is full of more talented people than Michael and Janet; people with spectacular voices. Christina Aguelaria, Beyonce, and people who can actually write their own songs Pink, Alicia keyes.

Get over yourself Janet, you're still trying to play sweet and coy with the camera. It's irritating behavior to witness on a 40 year old woman.

3012 days ago


i dont understand why would they turn their backs on her. so i wrote them and now they are turning from us. mtv is not about the fans like they claim to be

3012 days ago

Jean Coughlin    

Sorry, I don't buy that Janet was really shocked when her breast was "accidentally" exposed. She was, after all, sporting hardware on her boob.

Subsequent to her little performance the Bush Adm. has been leveling fines on anything they deem unfit. The networks are running so scared of these fines that they censor much of what we see now. Movies that aired several years ago intact now are aired with scenes cut out so as not to bring down big fines. And apparently the individual tv stations can be fined as well.

So no, I don't feel Janet's pain. I resent that she was stupid enough to expose herself on one of the biggest, family-viewed programs of the year. Especially In light of the current conservative climate in this country.

3012 days ago

Kurt's Krap    

I'm confused. Does MTV show music videos still?

3012 days ago


Good Jesus. Are we still talking about the SB.....Move on people. If you choose to dislike her than do so, but stop using the SB as the reason for the downfall of America and your life.

Also there were two people on stage that night. Both equally guilty - However one is being singled out. Makes you say HMMMMMMMMMMMM

As for the movie - if you do a simple research (since it's a big concern) you would find that she was doing a movie called (Tennessee) and the director was Lee Daniels (Monster's Ball) and there's a whole article that states that due to scheduling conflicts Jackson had to drop out and the role has gone to Mariah C.

Again - why do we have so much hate for people whose sole purpose is just to entertain us. They ask noting of us - but all we can do is ridicule them. Must be becuase our lives are boring and miserable. HMMMMM

3012 days ago


Poor Janet she is trying really hard to saty in the game. But what is with that thing hanging from her belly button? It looks NASTY!

3012 days ago


LOL it's a feather belly ring :)

3012 days ago


mtv we want janet jackson mtv first icon

3012 days ago


MTV will lose the battle at the end. From what i understand, mtv told janet if she sat down for an hour interview and discuss the SB fiasco, they will support her new project, bus ms. jackson felt that SB was over two years ago and didn't feel like it needs any more discussion then it already had. Good for her, and trust me she will do well wit' this project with out mtv, and it would be a good lesson learnt on both sides.

lol, she will have the last laugh

3012 days ago
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