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The Barkers Split

8/8/2006 6:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler splitOn the heels of Nick and Jessica's and Dave and Carmen's split, another MTV reality show couple has called it quits.

According to PEOPLE magazine, blink-182's Travis Barker has filed for divorce from his "Meet the Barkers" co-star and wife, Shanna Moakler.

The couple were married in 2004 and have two children: son Landon, 2, and daughter Alabama, 7 months. Moakler, a former Miss USA, also has a 7-year-old daughter, Atiana, from her previous relationship with Oscar de la Hoya.

Moakler released a statement saying "My only concern right now is for the welfare and best interests of my children."

Monday, TMZ reported that Moakler has been added to the latest cast of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

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No Avatar


I suppose we now have a bonafide curse much like the Saturday Night Live curse!

Note to Hollywood: Want your marriage to actually last, then forego doing any reality show affiliated with MTV.

2996 days ago


I love how everyone below comments like they actually know these people or have ever even met them, please. How many of you even live in socal?

2996 days ago


Not a surprise at all. Saw this one coming as soon as their show hit the air. What concerns me is the fact that they named their kid ALABAMA?? WTF?? That poor, poor child.

2996 days ago


The reason Travis had to file for the divorce is because Shanna could not get her butt out of bed before the courts closed for the day!

2996 days ago


It's about time..!! They looked like they were just an act. It's good for her though..she still doesn't have to work with all that child support coming in from to baby daddy's. She can keep sleeping all day and shopping all night and let the nanny deal with the kids.

2996 days ago

Mandi :)    

I honestly can't believe some of the terrible comments people are putting out there! Those of you who are putting these comments out there are rude, heartless and obviously haven't dealt with life yet! Why all the negative comments and name calling about Shanna? She is already going through a hard enough time and has an even harder road ahead of her and now people are lashing out, making judgments and calling her names! Dealing with a divorce and having kids on top of it...I just hope that her friends and family are there for her support and the support of their children. I wish Shanna and her kids all the best. As for her ex...I think he will become a skirt-chaser...just like my ex did.

2994 days ago

Mandi :)    

In addition, for all you so called "men" out there making your rude and nasty would you like it if someone called your mom a "skank" or said a lot of the rude comments you are! I don't know any of you personally and believe me I wouldn't even give you the time of day. Get a life!

2994 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Nature is neither Kind nor Cruel, Mearely indifferent.
Althoug these remarks may seem ruthless in nature
I assure you they are real thoughts, and they are baised on Yours and my perseptions. Let these animals self destruct.
It is the natural way.

ps. I know you are not a MILF

2994 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

She is perfect.. I find here lazy and annoying, yet seeminlgy iresitable.
He on the other hand, Looks as if he crawled up out of a sewer in Bangledesh.
WHY would she ever want to be with him. Im sure it was humiliating.

"I am available for BBQ'S and Weekend Parties"


2994 days ago

Jenni W    

I am actually very suprised by their breaking up. They seemed like a couple in love & you could see Travis loved his children (her's & his) deeply. So they were very different from each other.... who cares, they were people & they deserved to be happy. Hope they can reach a happy place for the kids sake.

2994 days ago


i knew this was coming. shanna seems like she goes after whoever is the flavor of the month, and fakes her interests to appeal to them. she didnt even know the names to his songs. shes a fraud- cheers to travis for kicking her to the curb.

2993 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Dear MILF:
I appreciate your equanimity. I do understand that the childeren, unfortunatly become collateral damage. I commend you on your efforts to alevate as much of this pain and discomfort in you and your childrens life. You seem to put thier needs first, and I applaude you.

Travis Barker is a repugnent piece of human trash. His "very attractive" wife also failed in a myriad of ways conserning the welfare and upbringing of thier/ her children. I have no malice towards these children. I do not revel in the fact that they will judged upon the merits of thier parents.

He is a terrible role model, uneducated, filthy mouth, abhorent looking, self desecrating individual.

But you in fact are a MILF. I like Brunnetts

2991 days ago


I think this is ridiculous- I love celeb gossip as much as the next person. Its a shame that Shanna Moakler made so much money being a "skank" (did you forget she was Miss USA? Apparently she wasnt always a "skank") so that you people could sit here and criticize her and her personal life. Maybe a few of you should take some of your own advice "fake", "save a spot in rehab" and keep your pathetic comments behind the facade. Try this one- what happened to them is not your business.. and maybe, just maybe it wasnt her fault? Who are you to say she didnt take care of her kids? I wasnt aware that ANY of you lived with the two of them- besides that- if you have children you would definately appreciate having a nanny. So dont criticize someone for something that many of you do or would enjoy (i.e. golden showers and/or having a nanny). Her Nanny watched her children as she worked... which is what we poor people call day care.

2990 days ago


Shes a golddigger who probably cheated on the guy or simply drove him FCUKING nuts!

2990 days ago


When I saw that show on MTV I only felt sorry for Travis. She is the most boring and uninspiring woman I ever saw. Missing business appointments because she oversleeps them, basically missing everything because she was in bed sleeping. The bed was the central item on this show. She sleeps all day, then eats in bed, and at some point she may leave it. But even if this was staged - her stupidity definitely was not staged. However, Travis married her, so that doesnt speak so much for him, either.

2989 days ago
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