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Inside Story -- Why Redstone Railed on Cruise

8/23/2006 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sumner Redstone, Tom Cruise

Hollywood is buzzing about Tom Cruise and the end of his relationship with Paramount Pictures -- and even more so about the verbal butt-kicking that Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone gave Cruise on his way out the door. So what ticked Redstone off so much?

"Sumner used to wear the same pair of movie-theater-usher pants..."

TMZ spoke to eight Viacom insiders, spread diversely across the media giant's numerous divisions, including the television networks and business affairs. The consensus was a bit surprising -- that Redstone is as nutty as Cruise, and the combo was bound to blow.

One well-placed source said that Cruise, who demanded a huge percentage of gross profits off the top of all his movies, was simply too rich for Redstone's cheap blood. The source mused that "Sumner used to wear the same pair of movie-theater-usher pants -- you know, the ones with the stripe down the side -- day after day with an unmatched suit jacket."

Several other sources attributed Redstone's anger to his native personality. "He has this whole old-fashioned, New England thing and doesn't suffer fools, especially creative ones, lightly," says one source who has worked with Redstone. "It doesn't take much to get him angry and he's probably been keeping this bottled up." Once he got wind that Cruise was trying to raise funds, says the source, Redstone decided to lash out.

Still another source says that Redstone was trying to make an example out of Cruise. Specifically, you don't "screw" with The Man. Cruise and his producing partner, Paula Wagner, say they were the ones to shut down negotiations with Paramount, after a chance of a deal seemed futile.

Virtually everyone we spoke with agreed -- Cruise's departure is a good thing for morale at Viacom. As one source said, as they were suffering "budget-cutting indignities," Cruise was living high on the hog. Now Cruise has been sent out to pasture, or, if you will Green Acres.


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I have nothing to add to this...I just wanted to try and be 1st.

2947 days ago


woohoo missy for being the first!! wish i could be the first sometime!!

anyhoo - poor tom. i wish i had part of his millions. at least people are starting to see what a joke he is. you know i said poor tom....i should really say poor katie!!! i almost felt sorry for tom. well not really i just wanted to seem sympathetic!!

2947 days ago


Tom Cruise FIRED!!! OMG LOL!!! He deserved it ! That's what happens when you jump on couches , brainwash your virgin Catholic girlfriend , then get her pregnant all the while not keeping your comments about "your beliefs" on depression to yourself. POOR Katie, I feel so bad for her, I hope she's wise enough to leave him soon . In my opinion I think Tom is no doubt full of himself , he's not a good looking man , and a pretty girl like Katie should not be tied down with a HEADCASE like him.

2947 days ago


"Virgin Katie Holmes"....??? You're kidding right....?? LoL!!

Anyways, Tom had it coming. You can only throw yourself in the public eye for so long before they begin to resent you. Since fans began resenting his public tirades, it knew it wouldnt take long before studio execs caught on. Tom killed it all on his own.

I do feel sorry for Katie though...Have any of you guys read about Scientology? Once you're in, its very hard to get out. She's been brainwashed to believe all that crap....Poor Katie...If only she had visited that psychic before she concieved...

2947 days ago


Tom who???......................ohhhh, the loser!

2947 days ago

Gabby Swinford    

Tom Cruise publically attacked an actress and ppl who take antidepressents, and what in the world does he know about motherhood, and depression after a baby? He and his religion is way over the top, and I don't even go and see anymore of is movies, as he is just patheick...and living way to high on the hog, with his homes, and buying his own ultrasound machine for his baby....(I hope he donated it to a hospital).....Horray for Sumner!!! GSS

2947 days ago

T. Phelan    

In today's tough "dog eat dog" economic enviroment someone blowing a cool $10,000,000 is either vey rich or very stupid. You figure out which.

2947 days ago


you know tom has so much money he can buy his own film company, maybe he'll run for govener

2947 days ago


Good job Sumner

2947 days ago



2947 days ago


Poor Tom? Are you guys crazy? Who care's what his beliefs are in his personal life, and obviously if Katie were bothered by it, she would have left.

Tom has done a wonderful job for our home entertainment, and bound by an old contract is making Paramount company and their executives rich. Isnt that the way it works? Everyone under VP level get absolutly nothing, all while CEO's and CFO's get rich off of his clientel. Yes, fans of Tom Cruise tend to watch Tom Cruise movies because they are usually great. Why shouldn't Tom profit from this more vs Paramount?

Katie has nothing to do with it, and his beliefs don't come out in his acting. Which is by the way to remind you all, his job. I dont let my homelife interfere with my work, or visa versa - why do you as his clientel? You all are extremely nieve and short-sighted. If he's asked his opinion, he should feel free to share his true beliefs instead of lying, why should it impact his career?

Mind your own business people. You people are the same type to call CPS on someone for swatting their child on the butt in public. Get real.

2947 days ago

the wise old owl    

IT'S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE KNOCKED THIS GUY OFF HIS HIGH HORSE. Tom Cruise is so replaceable. I think the publlic is really fed up with this guy and the head of Paramont can see it. He didn't get to be head of a studio because he's stupid. No one wants to keep a liability, and an expensive one at that. I think this guy made a smart business decistion. I know I won't be spending my $$$ to see a Tom Cruise film. Unless it stars someone else who I want to see. It certainly wouldn't be because of him. If I never saw him again in a movie it would be fine with me. He can't even be honest with himself. Who needs him? THere's a lot of talented young actors waiting in the wings to TAKE HIS PLACE.

2947 days ago


i used to like tom cruise...until he started becoming the know it all star....i understand they have opinions and its a free country, however, some of his beliefs are outside of extreme and frankly, i want to be intertained by movie stars. NOT preached at, told that post partum depression doesn't exist, etc etc ad nauseam. parading their private life every where and then just being a jerk to people.
i have to say his religious leaning is not helping either...DON'T cram your religion down other people's throats..if it really means something to you then its a quiet one on one with someone...not a STEAMROLLER baby...
TOM--less of your private opinions and beliefs and more of the stuff that made you a star. you gun...princess bride...risky business...??now that's what i am talkin' about...

2947 days ago


I think every movie star who is a part of this religion shoulg be fired. I really feel sorry for Katie and Suri. Shame on you Tom for brainwashing Katie. Where is Katie's family? They have to be screwed up as Tom to let this go on. Who is gonna get some balls to get this poor girl away from this idiot!!!!!!!!

2947 days ago


I love Tom Cruise. what did he do?? jumped on a couch..I thought it was cute, Oprah loves him and so do I. Leave him alone, screw Brooke Shields , if she wants to be depressed I really dont care. Just leave handsome Tom alone. How dare Paramount can him I believe it was his choice to leave. Tom has ethics, and Paramount will be sorry. Hollywood is very stupid and fickle but I will always be a FAN. Tom this to shall pass!!!!!

2947 days ago
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