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Jessica and Nick Settle Money Dispute

9/5/2006 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson & Nick LacheyTMZ has learned that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have divided up the assets in their marriage, and Nick agreed to less than his share in order to avoid an ugly court fight.

The couple amassed a fortune during their three-year marriage, in no small part because of their MTV reality show "Newlyweds" and the avalanche of endorsements and other deals that followed. Jessica refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, so under California law the assets -- estimated at $36 million -- are to be divided equally. So Jessica and Nick should each get $18.

Nick will take significantly more than the $1.5 million, but considerably less than 50%

As TMZ first reported, Jessica (we're told at the behest of her dad, Joe Simpson) offered Nick a relatively measly $1.5 million to walk away from the marriage. Sources say Joe Simpson believed Nick didn't have the stomach to put up a fight over money. Nevertheless, Nick rejected the offer and the former sweethearts decided to make their divorce final and try to hammer out a property settlement.

Sources say in the property settlement -- which has not yet been filed in court -- Nick will take significantly more than the $1.5 million, but considerably less than 50% of what he and Jessica earned during the marriage. Two sources in Nick's camp made it clear to TMZ that Lachey agreed to end the dispute because he does not want to hurt anyone in a contentious court battle.

Ironically last week, a reporter on a red carpet relayed a message from Joe and Jessica Simpson to Nick: "They love you. You're still part of the family." Nick blanched and said "Well, good, that's nice to hear...." The reporter persisted "...Jessica will always love you." Nick's classic reply: "Okay, then!"


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he doesn't need her or their money. he is doing just fine on his own. screw her.

2971 days ago


Nick is a class act!! Jessica and her dad are sickening like why did they think he shouldnt get what is rightfully his but Nick is the Bomb! and obviously wants to move on with his life and not drag it out
i watched the 1/2 hour special last night of jessica and literally fell asleep
you can tell they tried to immitate Nicks special and they didnt succeed
anyone wonder why she makes those repulsive faces when she sings
oh well
i Love NIck and i am happy he is moving on without them
Good luck Nick!

2971 days ago


Just go to show that Nick has more class than Jessica and her creepy father. Plus, she'll need the stuff more, her dad is bound to ruin her career.

2971 days ago

Nick Fan    

Nick is such a classy guy and kudos to him to holding his head up through all of this. It is obvious what kind of person Jessica is, it's almost hard to believe he saw anything in her to even begin a relationship, nevertheless a marriage.

2971 days ago


I think he should have got it all for putting up with his dumb ass. NICK HAS CLASS!

2971 days ago


I agree hes a class act.

He is toooo good for that family.

In the end he will be the BIGGERT STAR. NO he is and will be ther better person.

2971 days ago


Glad to hear that isn't going to get any messier than it already is...jeez, they are people with feelings!

2971 days ago


He is way too good for the Simpson family! he was always there supporting her in her endorsements and appearances but she was no where to be seen when he was out to promote his own stuff. He did the right thing

2971 days ago

Dark Knight    

Nick may have done the class thing, but sometimes you gotta do something you may not be comfortable with. He shouldn't have walked away with a penny less than 18 million, he earned that money too. Just because Joe Simpson wants to buy another car doesn't give him the right to low ball him. Who knows how long Nick's career is going to last, stars a lot of times are here today gone tomorrow. Even if he just conceded 1 mil that's a lot of money that could have taken care of him for a long time. He made a class move, but a poor business decision.

2971 days ago


Nick has shown in all of this mess that he has integrity and a strong set of values as a man, which are both rare these days. Karma is on his side in this one, and he will end up with someone who treats him like the man that he is. And from the looks of it thus far, his career is strong and stable and her's is fleeting. A set of DDs isn't enough to be a success. There has to be personality and class too.

2971 days ago


I think he should have stuck it to her and gotten half, but I have to give him credit for handling things the way he has. I think his reward is that is in a better relationship and happier in his future and life altogether. They may think Nick may not have been able to 'stomach" a nasty court battle, but Jess is the one who is crying these days...

2971 days ago


Kat as in Kathryn! You are back......damn! How do I know it is you? You use the word KARMA a lot...dead giveaway!

2971 days ago


All I have to say is.... Nick , keep moving forward and DON'T look back, even when she begg's you to come back, don't get fooled again. You are a STAR!!!!! You present yourself in such a great manner,always keep it real. "Resolution " says ..all i need to learn along this road. And that is to never take her back...

2971 days ago

Drora Plaut    


I find it very, very sad and downright pathetic that Jessica's father, who, in my opinion, could not have been more greedy, manipulative, and shown to his daughter, former son-in-law and THE ENTIRE WORLD, how really LITTLE he cared about Jessica, her marriage and personal happiness - never mind even her husband OR HIS success, could try and manipulate Nick YET ONE more time, to take the original minute money offer he made to him SIMPLY BECAUSE HE FELT HE COULDN'T/WOULDN'T STOMACHE A PUBLIC FIGHT.

I too, cannot believe that Jessica could ALLOW her dad to interfere in their lives so much that HE DESTROYED IT. Unfortunately, she was very naiive, very young, very immature and much too dependent on her father and that was exactly why the marriage fell apart.

However, I am certainly glad that Nick had the guts to stand up to them both, turn that that measly offer, and get a great deal more. I don't know if his behavior during the marriage was just a desperate attempt the get her and her attention back, but it is hard for me to believe that he really did CHEAT ON HER, and frankly, in my heart I believe that she didn't cheat on him either. She just responded and retaliated in kind.

Anyway, its really too bad that a marriage such as theirs had to hit the skids because of how young they both were, and how overly influenced Jessica was by her dad....but Nick does have class, talent, and I hope that he finds someone who deserves a special man like him.

As for Jessica, I hope (but wouldn't bet on it!) that she's learned her lesson, and will make sure her dad keeps far, far away from her next beau and husband.

The whole thing was way over the top and too too pathetic for words!


2971 days ago


It's worth it just to get away from her creepy dad. How can that man look so smug when he is basically nothing more than a well paid pimp? They're both two young kids that got manipulated by a very greedy and self absorbed man. I wish them both well.

2971 days ago
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