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Not Ready to "Shut Up and Sing"

9/13/2006 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dixie Chicks: Click to watchNatalie Maines obviously isn't out to make friends with President Bush anytime soon -- expressing her embarrassment towards #43 and calling him a "dumb f**k" in a new documentary.

Though the Dixie Chicks initially set out to make a rockumentary, "Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing" quickly became more politically charged after the group's frontwoman told a London audience, "We're embarrassed that the President is from Texas," at a 2003 concert.
"We felt like it was time to have cameras follow us around for a little while and just show the next cycle of touring," says Emily Robison about the filming, "and then when Natalie said what she said it turned into a totally different animal. It was one of those things where we knew it was important to continue filming."

The documentary, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, depicts the backlash towards the Chicks and their new album, "Taking the Long Way," which had difficulty getting airplay on country radio stations. The film will open this month in limited release.


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Jinxy Cat    

Dixie Chicks are goin down..

Stupid big mouth bitches is all they are..
Stick to singing..

2959 days ago


Natalie has the right to speak her mind thanks to the Constitutionof the United States of America. No where does it say that you have a right to free speech only if you are not going to be offensive to anyone. What she says may be hurtful to some and not to others, but she is at very least gutsy enough to stand up for what she believes in. I also have never heard her disrespect our troops and the families of all of our hard fighting, Country honoring children who are sent to fight a war that this sitting President sought after under the umbrella of terrorism. I say we should fight the good fight but not with a nation that has never declared war on our Country. (I understand Iraq was led by a vicious regime, but we are not the police of the world, it was up to the people of that Country to join together and make an effort to revolt against their leadership.) Last I heard, the culprit of 9/11 was still hiding somewhere in the mountains of Afganistan. All I am saying is that we should not be blinded by the fact that we are at War, if we are, then we all lose again. Bush is not a good President, he has done nothing for our Country, most of us, atleast the third of us who are not in the highest class, have not benefited in any way from his fabulous leadership. I do not respect him because he has failed at leading and protecting us from danger. He does not deserve my respect just because he was elected President. As far as I know, you always have to earn respect it is not a right of any title! So I say more power to all the Natalie Maines' of the world! Speak your mind and stick to your beliefs and never bow down to the idiocracy!

2959 days ago


I was a big fan of the chicks at one time but now you couldn't make me go to one of their concerts or buy one of their CD's. Natalie has no class or intelligence. Apparently the other chicks are stupid also!!!!!!!!

2959 days ago


What is wrong with you STUPID people!
Thinking/Knowing that our president is a DUM- F&CK
has NOTHING to do with being PATRIOTIC!

2959 days ago


who gives a shit what they think -

2959 days ago


I have no respect for Bush!

The war in Iraq is not about the terrorist - Hell they don't even know where Bin Laden is and there are terrorist all over the Middle East and surely right here in the US.

You all should be pissed at Bush for not having an exit strategy in place by now and meanwhile more of OUR troops are being killed. Not to mention how this is affecting our economy. Come folks, most of you are working class...Hello!!! You should care the most!

You all need to embrace Democrats because that is what this country is all about. You need to educate yourself on politics before you jump on the Bush bandwagon. Opposition is a good thing for this country. Thank god for opposition!! Geeeez...

2959 days ago


This whole world is in a battle between smart and stupid.
I hope George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden are the last gasp of the stupid.

2959 days ago


Natalie Maines is the most ignorant person I have ever seen. It's one thing to critcize the president, but do it an intelligent way. If she thinks she's being cool and really 'slamming one down" on the President, she makes herself look like the ignorant fool she is and everyone can see right through her.

2959 days ago


A little respect please. This chick's had it with those chicks and their mouths.

2959 days ago


They must be running out of money!

2959 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Dixie Chicks have no respect for anyone while this
country is at war.
Hope the bitches get blown up....

2959 days ago


I love how Kanye West can say whatever the fuck he wants but when Natalie Maines does it she gets death threats. I say good for her! The only people who support President Bush are red-neck, uneducated morons. We invaded a sovereign nation for what? Weapons of Mass Destruction? Oh wait that was a lie. Sorry to you dipshits who think the war in Iraq is to protect us from terrorism. Last I checked none of the 9/11 terrorists were Iraqis - Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the terrorists were from Afghanistan and Egypt. Oooooooooh, I forgot all you stupid people don't know that Middle Easterners are not all the same. You just group them all together and nod your head in delusional agreement with President Bush. Did you know other countries laugh their asses off at us? We drop bombs on innocent people yet let North Korea do whatever the fuck they want. We also make national cases out of boobs at the Superbowl, breastfeeding in public and god forbid a woman should be able to have a say over her own body - but yet we have third world country infant mortality rates, gangs, everyone's on Prozac, social secuirty is in the toilet and don't even get me started on healthcare. So yeah, George Bush is a dumbfuck. My fucking dog would do a better job then he does. People - just because someone looks comfortable behind the wheel of a pick-up truck doesn't mean he should be president. Get it right next time. GO NATALIE!!!!!!!

2959 days ago

Kerry Nagy    

I believe everyone in this country has the right to say what they feel but this girl seems to believe she's smarter than the average bear. She's really showing just how ignorant she is by her crude language and trashy behavior. She doesn't believe in patriotism but takes advantage of this country's freedoms to run her mouth. Trash is as trash does.

2959 days ago


People who think that the DCX do not support the troops really only knows ONE thing about them. And that is the 15 words that Natalie spoke in England over 3 years ago...or should I say the 15 words that the conservative media CHOSE to pick up on and make headlines over. Directly after saying that she was ashamed of our prez (and at this point, who isn't) she SAID that despite that, they "support the troops". And it wasn't that she didn't believe that we SHOULDN'T go to war, but "did it have to be tomorrow?". She didn't understand why we couldn't wait until they found the WMD's (huh...lest we forget that that was the original theory behind the reason for going. Or was it because Saddam was responsible for 9/11?)...why did we have to send our sons, husbands, wives, mothers over so quickly. The women actually sounds like a voice of reason to me.

I find strong women like the DCX, with their unwavering loyalty to their beliefs, their music and to each other, to be a great inspiration.

2959 days ago


# 8 You couldn't possibly be a lady with that filthy mouth of yours. No wonder you agree with Natalie's views you both are uneducated, foul mouthed embarassments.

2959 days ago
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