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Clay -- The No-Answer Answer

9/21/2006 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On "Good Morning America" this morning, Clay Aiken wouldn't say whether he was gay or not -- but his unrelenting skirting around the issue suggested that he could very well be gay, but just doesn't want to talk about it, calling it a "waste of my time."

When asked, point blank, by Diane Sawyer whether he was going to come out in the interview, Aiken gave an odd shrieky cackle, then said that he wouldn't address the speculation. And, with some nervousness, he called the speculation into his sexuality "invasive" and "rude." Finally, when asked by Diane Sawyer if it was "misleading" for him to talk about liking women in interviews just after his run on "American Idol," Aiken responded by saying he was "naive."

Aiken also said that he isn't unduly curious about other celebrities' (or people's) lives -- except for the "whole Jen and Angelina" thing.


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Well if he is gay, That is really his business. But I'm glad that he is not like Lance going around holding hands and in front of the camera with it. Clay if you are Gay, thanks for not advertising it.!

2956 days ago


To John..why do I have to be a "stupid brainwashed Christian" just because I believe in what I believe in? You say that we are judgemental but look at what you say about us Christians. I do believe that homosexuality is wrong but I also believe that gossiping, lying, cheating, adultery, fornication is wrong to. Am I perfect?? HECK NO but I try to live right and do my best. I like Clay Aiken and I do think that his sexuality is none of our business. Only he has to stand before God and answer for his sins just like all of us.

2956 days ago


That would be a yes, of course. If no one care than just tell the truth or be like Lance Bass and wait till your career is over and there is no more risk to coming out.

2956 days ago


Why is it OK for straight celebs to hold hands in front of the camera, but if Lance does it he's "advertising" his sexuality? That's ridiculous.

2956 days ago


he s so gay

2956 days ago


This is the first time I've heard the term "Peter Puffer".

2956 days ago

Ron Benoit    

It's all so GAY! GAY GAY GAY and more GAY. Gay gay gay gay gay.
And the he gay gay gay! Gay!! Gay gay gay.

2956 days ago


Your so right Gisele!

I don't want to know about it! I am sick of all this gayness being shoved down our throats (pordon me!) I don't want to imagine what you do in bed, strait or gay! Keep it to yourself!

2956 days ago


just leave him alone..........what is the big deal? I can't believe it..........but I am with Clay on this what? it's a waste of time.

2956 days ago


I have nothing against homosexuals, but this Aiken guy gives me the creeps! There is something really gross and disgusting and repulsive about his face. He grosses me out big time.

2956 days ago


"Clay if you are Gay, thanks for not advertising it."

Screw you. Yeah, if you are gay, thanks for not being yourself and making other people uncomfortable. Also, "Gay" is not a proper noun. Moron.

2956 days ago


Does it matter???!!!

2956 days ago


Is is SOOOOOOOOOOO GAY it's pathetic and an insult to any fans he may have. Why keep on asking him to come out, so we have one more person in this world pushing their values and homosexuality on us.

Maybe he could date Rosie O'Donnell.

2956 days ago


Why doesn't he just fess up?!!? It's so obvious!!!! He should hook up with Lance Bass!! They both look like crap.

2956 days ago


leave him alone, hes not even fun to talk about anymore, he doesnt have a hit out, an album, but to hit yet. He needs to give us something to talk about before everyone ditches the gay rumors, Til then just leave it be.

2956 days ago
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