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Ashton is

One Happy Husband

9/29/2006 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher just can't stop gushing about his wife Demi Moore.

Ashton Kutcher on
Kutcher tells "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that being a good husband is easy because "She's fantastic so I don't have to work very hard at it so it makes me good at it."

As far as the secret to their happy marriage, Ashton tells Ellen "if there's anything that is rubbing us the wrong way we talk about it before it becomes an issue and you fight about it."

Since a paper present is tradition for a first year anniversary gift, Ellen gave Ashton toilet paper to commemorate their September 24 nuptials.

Ashton Kutcher's interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airs Friday, September 29.


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Ashton needs to get his balls out of Demi's purse.

2949 days ago


I love Ashton!

2949 days ago

blah blah blah    

Kooooodo's to the both of them
I am so glad to see a celebrity couple glowing with the bliss of love for one another. Too many couples take each other for granted and don't work or put effort in their relationships.
I am very happy for the both of them.

2949 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

thats a pretty flower on the table,i WOULD PIMP ,I MEAN PUNK HER

2949 days ago


I'm waiting to see if he will stick around when she's in her 60's.

2949 days ago


He's been giving that same answer for the past year. Ashton get something new to say.

2949 days ago


interesting q # 5- but i think he's a better guy than that!

2949 days ago


Cant wait for this one to hit the skids. Its great how celebs love to flaunt how wonderful their marriages are until real life happens. When things aint so great anymore their lives suddenly become private and the media becomes scum. This will be one nasty divorce. Hopefully TMZ will get footage of Ashton and Bruce Willis duking it out in front of KOI. Sweeeet.

2949 days ago


Demi isn't in her sixties already?

2949 days ago


She's 45 so it won't be long before Ashton says so long! All that botox only covers the age wrinkles not the sag. And so more plastic surgery will be required. While Ashton, a man, is not required to maintain the youthful look, Demi the female is required to appear as a youthful women. Some day it will all just me too much for both of them. If she was aging gracefully and he still loved her like he says he does that would be one thing, it would mean he loves her for who she is. But come on she works overtime with her plastic surgeon just to keep him around. one day that will get old, like Demi.

2949 days ago


I thought the Willis-Moore marriage was one of the happiest in Hollywood, and it lasted what, 10 years? So Demi, you have about 8 or 9 more years, tops, and Ashton will probably be looking. In their pictures together she's looking more and more like his mother.

2949 days ago


Maybe, JUST maybe, he will stick around for the long haul.

In the meantime, DUH, Assh-whipped-ton, You are no different then EVERY OTHER married couple in their first year of marriage that "Talks" about the stuff that bothers them . You both are still puttin' out.

And it's easy to be the "best husband" when you have your mommy telling you what your every move has to be.

GEEZ, Dude GROW UP! Stop being the boy toy.

2949 days ago


Take the MONEY away and they will be miserably married like everyone else.

2949 days ago


I admire them. Hollywood romance or not - this gives me hope at 39. If you can't say something nice - don't say anything at all.

2949 days ago


I think they are both doing o.k. financially. I don't think their union has anyhthing to do with money. More than likely they have prenups. As far as Ashton going after Demi's money, what big hits has she starred in recently ? Did I miss them ? I think they are truely happy, and thats great. It is highly unlikely it will last into their old age however because the age gap is just too great. People who have been married before, don't always put as much importance into a second. I am sure Demi thought the first marriage would last forever. God bless them both for having the fortitude to stand up to the critics of the world and say, " We don't care about the age difference" and hopefully they will share a lot of love before they are done. Bobbi

2949 days ago
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