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Denied from Hyde ...

'Idol' Reject Watches

10/3/2006 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

chyna_doll_rejected_10_3_06Our new favorite train wreck, Chyna Doll, has officially joined Tara Reid and Brandon Davis in the I-can't-get-into-Hyde club.

After leaving Shag, another club in Hollywood, the wrestler-turned-Playboy model-turned-walking disaster showed up at trendy Hyde with porn star Mary Carey and their entourage, expecting to waltz right in. The group had no reservation, of course, and was quickly denied admittance.

Stuck behind the velvet rope, Carey tried to make friends with "American Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry, who told the wild bunch, "wish I could help you, sorry," before sliding in with all his friends.

After finally telling Chyna and Mary the reality of their dismal situation, the doorman went and hid next to the bouncer. Finally, after waiting by his abandoned podium for about ten minutes, Chyna and her entourage finally hit the road.


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Don't these people know that if you are not UNDERAGE you are NOT getting in????

2879 days ago


NASTY, is it me or has she gained some weight? A little too big for that outfit too, she's so gross!

2878 days ago


Chyna is such a "DUDE"....there is no way she is a "true" female! NASTY!!!!!!!

2878 days ago

Michelle LL    

Completely wasted, she couldn't even walk, talk or stand straight. What a mess ! Train wreck just waiting to happen.

2878 days ago


Is that a man in drag? YUCK!!!

2878 days ago


Godddddddddddddd.........she's so nasty! That's not a man or a woman...

2878 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

So thats the Mary Carey runnin for gov..... You got to be kidding me. LOL asking for a light, outside a club,...."runnin for govenor, baby " haha,..what is the world coming to.

2878 days ago


What's up with Chynna's face. Did she get some crappy cheek implants (a la Farrah)? She looks as though she just had her wisdom teeth taken out. Her face looks like a balloon.
Oh, and just ewwwwwwww on so many levels.

2878 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

All of those women are frightening! Chyna is scary wouldn't want to meet her in a dark ally.

2878 days ago


LOSER!! And I have been to Hyde. It sux ass.
I am the number 1 DJ in chicago and I know good clubs, HYDE sux!!

2878 days ago


Why the hell is Chris Daughtry allowed in???

2878 days ago

the wife    

Chris Daughtry was let in only cause of American Idol... He seems like he thinks he's really something. I wonder where his wife was? Mary Carey running for governor is such a joke and she shouldn't be able to use the election to get publicity for her porn career. Oh well, I am voting for Arnold anyway....

2878 days ago


Why is her face soooo puffy??? She looks like a squirrel stashing nuts in her cheeks for the winter...

2878 days ago


Chris Daughtry better enjoy any perks he gets now, he won't get them for long. He is just an American Idol REJECT.

2878 days ago


i see the chix with dix are on the prowl again, i wouldnt let them in a club either because they look like they are on deaths doorstep and i wouldnt want to be responsible. wow that chynas face is swollen and jacked up big time. another reason im glad im not rich lol.

2878 days ago
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