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Dirty Little Secrets

10/3/2006 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100306-madden-duffHilary Duff and Joel Madden have been together for more than 2 years and the pop tart says there's a secret for keeping things spicy.

Duff tells Life & Style magazine that the two constantly leave each other "a lot of secret notes," to keep the flame alive. While we think passing notes is "So Yesterday," apparently it's considered cool for the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" even after graduating middle school.

The Duffster also reveals she'd rather have a party for two than hitting up all the Hollywood clubs like some of her former Disney co-horts saying, "We both really like having normal lives outside of our not-so-normal jobs. We're absolutely fine hanging out, just us two. It doesn't always have to be a party for us."


No Avatar


She so cute unlike Hohan shes got some class!

Hilary you need to do more concerts in Miami my daughters love you!

2945 days ago


Hilary this guy is so nasty, your a nice girl believe me the good girls like bad guys thing will come around later! KARMAAA

2945 days ago


Hey Hil, you totally rock, gurl! Met you in Saint John, New Brunswick at a concert and you couldn't have been nicer. Your concert was truly excellent! Your a complete talent.

Keep it real, HIlary...the world needs more celebs like you...I'm glad both of my daughters are truly your biggest fans...I'm proud that they are.

2945 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Yeah, secret love letters and a whole lotta SEX, keeps their relationship spicy. No need to leave that out. Good for both of them. Opposites attract, and I hope they last.

2945 days ago


HEY- #2 Joel Madden is one of the sweetest men on the planet. Give Hilary some credit. Do you think she would stick around this guy for 2 years if he was a bad guy? Please note- tatoo's do not make a person bad, evil, a criminal, etc. Quit judging people by appearances!!

2945 days ago


They always look like they are so good and sweet to one another. You go, Hillary and Joel! There is nothing wrong with COZY nights tucked in!

2945 days ago


Being a normal, good person is what keeps it real...not like trashy Lohan and Hilton...out at the clubs every night! Good luck to them both...their celebrity status will be short lived unlike Hillary's.

2945 days ago

melbourne chiqa    

Eeew, gross couple! That overly-tatooed 'punk rocker' & his newly anorexic girl, need to GET A ROOM...& STAY THERE

2945 days ago


I love this couple! She is so classy and beautiful and Joel totally deserves her. You can see in their pictures how much he loves her. Good girl with a good guy finally.

2945 days ago

fat jack    

Hilary is lying again, as usual. She loves to go out and party with all her friends at all those Hollywood clubs.

2944 days ago


Hil your sweet but truth is you need to stop loosing weight, you were so cute in "Raise Your Voice" and in "Cheaper by the dozen 1" I know we grow up, but it is your weight your still beautiful though inside and out!

Your the role model young kids need today!!!

2944 days ago


i think theyre a pretty cute couple even tho hes a lot older than her... but she looks so different then she used to her and her sister look like twins. cause her faced thinned out a lot shes still pretty but i think she looked better when she had like cheeks and not like she was sucking her face in lol

2944 days ago


What I want to know is, where's the rock??

2939 days ago


Hey Hilary!! you rock!! I'm glad that you and Joel are getting along so well, and I think the letters thing is really cute!! Keep it up!! 2 years is the best!!

Love ya!!

2939 days ago


Hilary... you are the best teen celebrity. Just quit losing weight! Don't be anorexic like those other skanks! You're better than they are.

2939 days ago
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