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Nicole and Brody Split

Nic's Heart 'Never In It'

10/5/2006 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner.After two months of trying to elevate their longtime friendship to something resembling a relationship, Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner have called it quits, but say that they're remaining "close friends." According to Us Weekly, Richie initiated the break-up at Jenner's home in Malibu, and the reality-TV pair – known mainly for being the children of Lionel Richie and Olympian Bruce Jenner – decided mutually to go it alone.

"[Nicole] felt it was a mistake to jump into a relationship so soon after her breakup with [ex-boyfriend Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein]." Of course, according to her MySpace blog, as ponts out, Nicole already appears to have a somewhat slender recollection of her time with childhood friend Jenner: "I know there are rumors regarding my 'breakup' with Brody Jenner. The truth is, we were never really together ... my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity." Ouch.

Something's in the air, clearly: Just yesterday, it became public that "The Break-Up" co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn had also split.

Babs Opens Tour, Ridicules Bush, Sings With Prompters

The original diva, Barbra Streisand, began her first tour in 12 years last night with a show that highlighted some of her beloved hits – and took aim at one of Babs' favorite targets, President George W. Bush. Streisand, playing before a capacity crowd of 16,000 at Philadelphia's Wachovia Center, took on the President with a skit that features a fake Bush uttering such lines as "I'm concerned about the national debt, so I'm selling Canada," and "If I cared about the polls I would have run for president of Poland." Now that, friends, is acidic political satire.

Babs also had to use a teleprompter to remember the words to her own songs, saying that she had been so unnerved when she flubbed the words to three songs at a 1967 concert in New York that she stopped giving live concerts for over 20 years.

Keith "Embarrassed" About Tree Incident

So he wasn't hunting for coconuts, and he didn't really fall out of a tree while climbing it. Rolling Stone Keith Richards sets the record straight about his fall from a tree in Rolling Stone magazine – and he thinks it's "embarrassing." Just to clarify the situation once and for all, Keith says, "I was sitting on this gnarled shrub about six feet of the ground. I was wet – I'd been swimming. I hit the ground the wrong way, my head hit the trunk, and that was that." Keith, God bless, but we still don't have any idea what you're talking about. Still, Richards had to have emergency head surgery – and face scads of public ridicule – following the incident. He's recovered from the accident.

Clay Doesn't Listen To Elton

Mop-topped "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken continues to do his best to evade questions about his sexuality. Rush & Molloy caught up with the singer at a performance of "Hairspray" starring his former "Idol" colleague Diana DeGarmo, and asked him the big question. They took a different tack – asking his thoughts about a recent warning from no less an authority on unveiling one's gayness than Elton John, who said that Clay will keep getting the same question until he addresses it. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he said, before taking off with the female members of his family.

Party Favors: De Niro Lays Out Dinero For New Pad, Maggie Has Baby Girl, "Knights" Get Pushed Back

Lower Manhattan's most famous resident, Robert De Niro, has finally found a place uptown – for a cool $23 million. The actor and his wife Grace Hightower, according to the New York Post's Braden Keil, bought their Upper West Side duplex, after a long search, from the ex-wife of film mogul Harvey Weinstein. Their new place has a projection room, not to mention five bedrooms and 6 ½ baths ... The world's most photographed pregnant woman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and fiancé Peter Sarsgaard had their first child Tuesday afternoon, a baby girl named Ramona, reports People. "Everyone is healthy and happy," says Maggie's rep ... Much-anticipated ABC comedy "Knights of Prosperity" – the one where a bunch of guys try to rob Mick Jagger – has been delayed from its Oct. 17 premiere to give the network more time to give the show a better promotional push.

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No Avatar

duh...totally !    

Clay IS Gay....duh!
could care less........

Nicole, please , please gain some weight! You look pathetic!

2942 days ago


What is this obsession with Hollywood and the entertainment industry having to know whether someone is gay or not? Do you go around hounding others whether they are straight? It is NONE of YOUR business or OURS!!!!!!!! Quit prying into things that don't concern us. Worry about more important things such as shootings in schools, the homeless, world hunger,etc.

2942 days ago


Ummm...yeah, how is it that the Dixie Chicks get threatened, badmouthed and every thing else for ONE comment made about the President, and Old flabby Babs can get away with ignorant behavior? Anyone who is STILL a fan of this old washed up snot is a fool

2942 days ago


Dear Clay,

You are sending the wrong message to people by hiding. I realize that there are a lot of haters out there but if not for yourself come out for gay children and teens. Maybe you can prevent a suicide by two little words. I'm gay. Come on Mr. Clay you can do it.

2942 days ago



I can gather just from your comments that it would NOT matter who was in office you would have something negative and disrespectful to say! So sad to be such an unhappy person! I am sorry!

2942 days ago


People need to lay off President Bush! Show some respect! You idiots on here bad-mouthing him need to have the words "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" tatooed on your foreheads! People like "Babs" need to quit trying to influence the dumb people with money in her audience and just sing. I cannot fathom paying $750.00 to see that tired old wore out b*tch read from a teleprompter. Seems like alot of people need to get their priorities straight. The President cannot please everyone and don't forget, alot of people support the war!
Hey Babs- Opinions are like a**holes, Everybody has one!

2942 days ago


Clay is as Queer as a $3 bill.

2942 days ago

lady mcbeth    

Omigod "babee" you are such a baby!! Get real.

2942 days ago


Don't you people pay attention to Rollingstone Magazine? He answered**NO** in his article back in 2003...but did the questions stop then? N-o-o-o....
I applaud Clay for saying he is not going to answer the question again. It's no ones business amyways.

2942 days ago


First, Babs ,maybe you can sing backup for the Dixie chicks...Nicole, pretty face, eat something...Clay..give it can"t hurt, not with this society

2942 days ago


HAHAHA Babee. You make me laugh, because it's so obvious you don't even KNOW anything about the freedoms and ideals that this country was founded on. Your inane idea of blind support is more communist or facist then deomcratic. You are constantly talking about the "idiot liberals" which proves all you do is buy into all of the bi-partisan CRAP that politicans dole out to their constiuants when the TRUTH of the matter is that most normal people cross party lines in their thinking all of the time. However, the key word in that sentence is THINK. That's what you have to do in order to actually HAVE an opinion rather than just spew out what your told.

2942 days ago


BABEE is always spewing crap about Bushman, just ignore her she'll go away. Hopefully far, far away. And Batbee take Bush with you, you two are match.

I'm not a Babs fan at all, but again this is America and she has the same rights as the rest of us. Which are dwindling away under the Bush regime.

And why is it that Bush lovers like Batbee are nervous? I've said it before and I'll say it again. For Bush, it's all over but the tail spin. tic toc

2942 days ago

lady mcbeth    

Donna, whatinthehell are you doing on this site? This is what it's all about. If you want to save the world, go join the 700 Club.

2942 days ago


If you really REALLY listened to the interviews given by Clay -- read "People" article, and/or saw him on Larry King Live, you would KNOW that he has addressed the problem! Like he said -- People will believe what they want to believe --------so many people have selective hearing these days. (And for the record, he has said it is not true, but I know you don't want to go back and research it).

2942 days ago

My two cents    

If you intend to write this article about the supposed break-up and want to quote Nicoles writings from her MYSPACE Blog, you should write it the way SHE wrote it on her MYSPACE Blog. Not even close TMZ. This is how vicious rumors get started and that just isn't fair.

2942 days ago
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