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Did 'Grey's' Brawl

Force Knight Out of the Closet?

10/19/2006 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

T.R."Grey's Anatomy" star T.R. Knight told PEOPLE exclusively that he is gay. But was this coming out of his own free will, or as a result of the much-hyped fight between "Grey's" stars Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey?

PEOPLE released a statement from Knight today that said, "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."

But the National Enquirer may have tipped us off to the story when they reported that during the fight between Washington and Dempsey, Washington yelled, "I'm not your little faggot like (name deleted)."

The Enquirer said they withheld the name of the co-star Washington mentioned "because of the extreme nature of the slur."

Does Knight's disclosure confirm the Enquirer's story?

Calls to Washington's reps were not immediately returned.


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I find it ..ummm, what's a good word? Indicative of our society that Mr. Washington may make a comment that is a slur(to put it mildly) and get off with what basically amounts to something like a wink and a nudge...while Michael Richards has effectively torpedoed his career...why is that might one suppose? One younger man on his way up(theoretically) and one older man sinking out of sight...sad in either case and just plain wrong from every possible point of view.

BTW: I thing the George character is perfectly adorable(aside form some continually questional haircuts). I was not planning on dating him nor was I planning on fixing him up with anyone I know of any gender...his sexuality is not anyone's business but his own and that is the way it should remain.

2882 days ago

J Furtado    

I agree that if the story is true, Washington should be fired. If someone else on set made a racial or derogatory statement /slur towards Washington for being black, there would be a media frenzy! There is no doubt they would be fired and their character assassinated by the media ie: Kramer and Mel Gibson. Now I am not in anyway defending Kramer or Mel, what they said was wrong and they deserve any and all repercussions. I do find it interesting that when racial or derogatory slurs are made by ethnic people against whites or gays, it does not seem to be as big of an issue with the media and with people in general. Before anyone calls me a white supremacist, I may not be black, but I'm not white either.

2881 days ago

Janice Roy    

If Isiah said that about T.R - then he should be fired. Kudos for Patrick for sticking up for T.R. Shame on you Isiah.

2927 days ago


Absolutely, Washington should be fired for that kind of tantrum. Can you imagine if the situation had been reversed and it had been an ethnic slur?

2927 days ago

Anonymous 4    

Wow!...maybe more gays should come the closet in Hollywood. Takes the burden off of hiding oneself and it will open America's eyes that gays and lesbians exist and guess what they can play leading parts regardless of their sexuality.

2927 days ago


yeah i agree, thats pretty horrible if that is what was said! I heard something on the radio today that he (Isiah) wasnt going to be on the show anymore??!! I didnt hear if he was fired, quit or what. Anybody hear anything??

2927 days ago


Like him or not. Like IT or not.
I think the world will be a much better place when news items like this aren't "news"

2927 days ago


Well he is a damn cute gey guy i must say! I am happy for him and wish him the best and I agree Isaiah Washington should be fire. I bet no one would like it if there was a bad thing said about blacks. What a jerk!!! I love T.R. Knight, and i wish he wasnt gay so i could make out with him!!!

2927 days ago


I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaaa
And his girlfriend on the show is really a man LOL

2927 days ago


Yea' go ahead as usually and blame everything on the black guy. . . When was the last time we heard something true come from the National Enquirer? Don't believe the hype people.

2927 days ago


who really cares if he is gay or straight

2927 days ago


i am a fan of everyone involved but i think knight should have been able to come out in his own time. i think washington behaved in an unprofessional and homophobic way. i hate that this happened.

2927 days ago


One would think that people who have long agonized about being discriminated against would have been above a rude comment against another human being. I cannot comprehend the ignorance and intolerance that runs rampant thoughout our society. We are all God's children -- regardless of how you define your God.

2927 days ago


It's best to bring everything to light; it takes away the threat people hold over you. Once it's out, they have nothing to say.

2927 days ago


I know that most of what the NE publishes is pure crap, but from the other articles that are out there, something derogatory was said, and I'm sure this one is true. #2, I agree. Had it been a racial slur, there'd be a lawsuit/firing in a heartbeat. Isaiah Washington should be reprimended in some form if this story is true.

2927 days ago
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